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  1. leilou

    Short-term Tsareena Artwork

    We're searching for someone who can make Artwork of Tsareena for a strategie guide on It should be in an arrogant pose (like Boa Hancock of One Piece). is a German website that covers all around Pokémon. You would be linked on the article of course. Strategie articles...
  2. leilou

    Resource Pokémon Emerald Outside Tileset

    leilou submitted a new resource: Pokémon Emerald Outside Tileset - Pokémon Emerald Outside Tileset Read more about this resource...
  3. leilou

    Resource Rotation Battle

    leilou submitted a new resource: Rotation Battle - Rotation Battle Read more about this resource...
  4. leilou

    Short-term Rotation Battle Base

    I'm working on making a rotation battle script right now. I'm at the finishing touches but I still didn't find a good base for rotation battle. I tried to make on but it didn't turn out well. I didn't find any resource on the internet either. So if you're either willing to pixel one or find a...
  5. leilou

    Resource Random_Pokémon

    leilou submitted a new resource: Random_Pokémon - generates a random Pokémon with random moves,level,species Read more about this resource...
  6. leilou

    Resource Pokémon Battle Island Ressource Pack

    leilou submitted a new resource: Pokémon Battle Island Ressource Pack - Pokémon Battle Island Read more about this resource...
  7. leilou

    Completed Pokémon Battle Island

    Welcome to BATTLE ISLAND! BATTLE ISLAND is all about fighting! You are a young trainer who lives nearby the Unova region who is really excited to start battling! This allows you to experience the opportunity of battling in ways not seem much in previous games, so what are you waiting for? Go...
  8. leilou

    Solved `alias_method'undefined method `PBTypes.getEffectiveness' for class `PBTypes'

    So ... i tried to make inverse battle. I extended the class PBTypes and wrote a funktion PBTypes.getEffectivenessInverse. Then I wanted to switch the PBTypes.getEffectiveness method during runtime with alias and just do the normal battle. So I wrote the following code: class PBTypes def...
  9. leilou

    Solved Scripting Tools to make life easier?

    Hey all you scripters out there! I have a question for you. I might be a little spoiled but are there tools to make scripting easier? Like one that highligts syntax errors in the editor without having you to run the programm for example. What are you using to make you life easier?
  10. leilou

    Solved What does pb mean?

    Hey I have a question about scripting. A lot of the functions of Essentials have that "pb" at the start. Is it good practice? So I wanted to ask if I should do it too if I want to share a script as a resource. Thanks in advance leilou
  11. leilou

    Help Make my event walk across map borders

    Hello, I want to make an Event, where a NPC walks from a town to a route. I tried starting the event on my map and having an event on the other map that continues(on autorun) the movment. But it only activates when the player crosses the map barder. Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance!
  12. leilou

    Help Making Wild Pokemon Flee Instead of Whiting out the Player?

    I'm trying to create an event where I want the wild pokemon to flee when it could defeat me. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?