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  1. Shgeldz

    Short-term Character/Trainer Artist

    Looking for a character/trainer artist to make 8/9 chest/torso designs for a quick project. Artist must be able to produce designs in a tight amount of time, but also, quality is not of the utmost importance. Requiring: Artist with some character experience and willing to work on...
  2. Shgeldz

    Entertainment What's your favorite Pokémon?

    It's that age old question, and you've got nearly 1,000 answers! What's your favorite Pokémon? Why? In terms of my favorite, I'm going to be cheap and take the easy way out by saying I have a few. And they're allllllllll corny. 1) Pikachu: I have had a stuffed Pikachu for like, 15 years...
  3. Shgeldz

    Resource GALMI Resource Pack

    Shgeldz submitted a new resource: GALMI Resource Pack - for wide screen, a few regis, and some music Read more about this resource...
  4. Shgeldz

    Completed GALMI

    GALMI is an experimental sort of a game, we wanted to tell a narrative in a unique structure, while playing within the boundaries of the Pokemon world. In Hebrew, GALMI (גלמי) means "My Golem." In the bible, it is that raw essence of man, the very light of existence. In GALMI, the player travels...
  5. Shgeldz

    Relic Castle User Survey

    Hey folks! For those that don't know, I help out with Relic social media and some behind the scenes stuff working on growing the community and how we interact with people outside of it (reporters, YouTubers, etc.) We're looking to learn some more about how we can make Relic an even better...
  6. Shgeldz

    Discussion Avatar Stories

    Have a fun story behind your avatar? Want to talk more about why you chose it? Me too! Yer Baby is a piece of MSpaint art by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr that retails for $3,000 dollars for a print. Ringo makes MSpaint art and you can find it all here. It's amazing.
  7. Shgeldz

    What are your Fan Game/Pokémon Pet Peeves?

    Sometimes when you're playing a Fan Game, there are certain things you see again and again that really grind your gears, get your goat, burns your biscuit, ruffles your feathers, takes the jam outta your sandwich... What are your fan game pet peeves? Do you agree with other peoples? I'll...
  8. Shgeldz

    Tutorial How to Effectively Promote Your Game

    Shgeldz submitted a new resource: How to Effectively Promote Your Game - A beginners guide to marketing best practices, designed with fan games in mind Read more about this resource...
  9. Shgeldz

    Kotaku Article on Fan Game Creation

    Hey folks, we're in the news! @Aki , @Deo , and @Atomic Reactor as well as a bunch of members here are quoted. Worth a read, and to discuss some of the points the author makes. Some guiding questions, but...
  10. Shgeldz

    Discussion Relic Castle Cooks! (Recipe Thread)

    Webster's dictionary defines recipe as a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients. Here's 2 to start you off: Also @Deo requested the twitch food stream food