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  1. DerxwnaKapsyla


    I've always had an idea that Legendary Pokemon, if we take them at face value with some of them being creator gods and ancient deities, can't be contained permanently. This is an extension of the idea expressed in canon; Wild Pokemon choose their Trainers, this is the purpose behind the Wild...
  2. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Overworld-Style Wild Encounters

    I came up with an encounter system that works similarly to the Let's Go encounter system; wild battles that don't happen via random encounters, but by interacting with an event in the overworld. The only difference between my system and PLG is that my system is extremely bare-bones and, at this...
  3. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Tutorial Overworld-Style Wild Encounters

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Overworld-Style Wild Encounters - It's like Let's Go, except with less charm and more ease of access Read more about this resource...
  4. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Completed Touhou Puppet Play ~ The Mansion of Mystery

    Alright folks! Hot off the presses, I bring you patch 1.2 of The Mansion of Mystery! There isn't a whole lot to say that hasn't been said already, so I'll skip all the formalities and fluff and just drop the download link here (and in the first post). Enjoy everyone! -- Download -- Touhou...
  5. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Completed Touhou Puppet Play ~ The Mansion of Mystery

    So, it's getting close to the most wonderful time of the year again. No, not Christmas. Halloween! And I've been burdened with unnecessary and distracting thoughts, such as "How can I celebrate the holiday season this year", and what better way to celebrate it than by making yet another patch...
  6. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Making Fan Games vs. Making Original Games

    The concept of making a fangame doesn't make someone not a real developer. Would you tell the people who made AM2R that they weren't developers because they made a fan-made remake of Metroid 2? Fangame developers still have the word developer in them, and are no less or more of a developer than...
  7. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Pokémon Essentials v18 progress report

    The whole reason Speedup Mode would be implemented is for the people who are so used to having a turbo button in emulators. Restricting it to a developer-only/debug tool seems counter productive to that.
  8. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    You have no cause for concern then! I try to make my games challenging, but not tedious. Throughout internal testing, people pointed out things that were unreasonably difficult (such as Sonicboom in Gym 1, and Psywave on SO MANY TRAINERS), which I agreed were way too difficult for what I...
  9. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    Well, I'm going to take next to no feedback as good feedback, and begin work on Demo 2 in earnest! Starting off, Fotia Village, location of Mt. Fotia and the Mt. Fotia Seismology Center! Being situated next to a volcano means that not a whole lot of people want to live in the area. Most of the...
  10. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Feedback Map Showcase

    I separated the path into the town and the decorative dirt, but I may change the dirt used entering the town to something else (or the dirt surrounding the volcano, but that'll be a messy, messy job). I also took the advice and removed the trees next to that house. I might be running into the...
  11. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Feedback Map Showcase

    Fotia Village, location of Mt. Fotia and the Mt. Fotia Seismology Center. Being situated next to a volcano means that not a whole lot of people want to live in the area. Most of the people who live there either work at the Seismology Center, or are family members of those that do. Despite that...
  12. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    Ahaha, I actually never thought about it like that! I initially wanted something to put there so it wouldn't feel as empty, and vending machines felt like the perfect thing. However, I also felt like people would question why the tiles for it were there, but not the function. It was a decision I...
  13. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! I absolutely tried my hardest to make this a very down to earth, but still unique, Pokemon experience. Though, if you could point out where I missed the é, I'd appreciate that! I labored over as many lines as I could to make sure I hit every single instance of...
  14. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Shadow Pokemon?

    I had a mind of my own to make a Gale of Darkness sequel many years ago. I still do and I still have all my very rudimentary documentation for it, but this was when I had no real idea how to make games, so it fell to the wayside. I always felt the Colosseum continuity needed a third game to...
  15. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    Demo 1 is now officially released! The current progress is from Pharos City to Yozora Island, right up to the second rival battle. Enjoy!
  16. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Trainer Intro Themes 1

    I got the bright idea to try and make my game even more accurate, and I realized the next best step to that was to give each trainer an intro theme. However, I realized none of them had been converted or compiled. So I decided to take it on myself to do it. And for the extra bit of accuracy, I...
  17. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Resource Trainer Intro Themes

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Trainer Intro Themes - Y'know, a feature that often gets overlooked when making trainers Read more about this resource...
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    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    It flat out is not possible, the architecture is too different and the things that RPG Maker and Essentials can do would surpass the hard-limits of the GBA hardware. For example, sprites with more than 16 colors? Can't be done. The GBA architecture does not support that at all. It'd be better...
  19. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    Thanks! I'm a but energy drained right now, so I'm working on some tertiary content for the game to come out on release; mostly some information documents that'll supplement the player's experience.
  20. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    [Proper banner forthcoming. Please wait warmly] "On the ancient fields of Kaiyomi, a catastrophic battle between two entities occurred, resulting in the complete change of the Zirconial Continent forever... now, far into the future, their conflict will finally reach its conclusion."...