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  1. Gunther930

    Released Pokemon Storage System

    There were a few minor bugs in the original version that are now fixed in version 1.1.0. This should be the final update unless someone discovers new bugs. Edit I now plan on expanding the game a bit once the judging period is over. Change Log
  2. Gunther930

    Released Pokemon Storage System

    Pokemon Storage System After a computer virus attack on a Pokemon Center, an Ace Trainer's beloved Pokemon are going wild in his PC! PC boxes 1 and 2 were rendered inaccessible by normal means, so Rotom and their trusty partner Porygon2 are called in to enter the digital world and resolve the...
  3. Gunther930

    Pokemon Storage System Resource Pack 1.0

    This includes all the graphics resources I used for Pokemon Storage System. Pokemon Storage System's title screen and blue grid tiles were made by me. The sprite for Jayson was made using Poltergeist's Character Customization Resources.
  4. Gunther930

    Resource Pokemon Storage System Resource Pack

    Gunther930 submitted a new resource: Pokemon Storage System Resource Pack - Contains a blue,glowy line tile. Read more about this resource...