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  1. RaVeN_1515

    Discussion Who do you look up to?

    Only my dad. Because of the loyalty. He sees something through when he starts it, and he's a work horse that refuses to slow down. He'll put up with alot of crap to get a job done the right way, no matter how long it takes. Past that, no one. I'm my own man that knows right from wrong. I know...
  2. RaVeN_1515

    A Couple Questions on Autotiles

    Thank you! I've had to redo this anyways because of the joints in the Autotiles when it's low tide. 😒 Since I'm not goin for a Pokemon game, I'm hoping to use alot of triple battles. I need to figure that out, and then I believe I'll be good for awhile.
  3. RaVeN_1515

    A Couple Questions on Autotiles

    So I wanted this water animation. The bad thing is I don't know things that would affect it. How much time goes by in between frames in RPGXP? I believe I set my example at 450millisecs. It looks like the waves move waaay too fast when it's any shorter. How many frames are allowed? This one is...
  4. RaVeN_1515

    Introduction Thread

    Hello! I'm new to relic castle, but not completely green. I've messed around with RPG Maker XP + Essentials on a Pokemon project for 5 or 6 years. I took a break and got into creating textures players use for WWE games primarily for characters and mods, but I'm getting that itch for 2D design...