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  1. Midori

    Pokemon Tempo Rising

    Finally got to the end of the 1.1 beta, really enjoyed it, can't find anymore sources of inspiration for Meloetta but thoroughly enjoyed the game and the refreshing new concept :D
  2. Midori

    Pokemon Tempo Rising

    Meloetta is one of my favorite legends, glad to see that she finally gets the spotlight! Downloading the game now and so excited!!!!!!
  3. Midori

    Demo Pokemon M

    Thanks for the reply~ Happily awaiting!
  4. Midori

    Completed Pokémon Edge Rising

    I feel the same way, plus the Fakemon were really cool! (the suffocating pillow one, the grass type puppy, the ghost type Reuniclus, Boombowl -steel type Electrode- and most importantly, Pistoff -the word play was amazing!-
  5. Midori

    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    Thanks for the reminder, I'm here re-traveling the game and the amount of Easter Eggs I've found have been great!!!
  6. Midori

    Demo Pokemon M

    Here revisiting this awesome game and hoping for an update~
  7. Midori

    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    Just curious, what is the Temple Key used for?
  8. Midori

    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    LONG POST: Pokemon Castaway: Your plane crashes and you are on Bermada Island, find a way to survive! Love the premise and concept of the game, the story was executed brilliantly and you can't tell who is friend or foe until the very end which makes for a satisfying conclusion. Just finished...
  9. Midori

    Demo Pokemon M

    I just discovered this game and it was awesome! Finished it all in one day, the storyline kept my heart pounding, the characters are well-developed and makes you invested in them and wanting to play to know their outcomes. I love gen 1 conspiracies about Mewtwo, Mew, and those who were involved...
  10. Midori

    Completed The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion

    Wow, I love rom hacks/fan made games that explore Mewtwo's history, I love all the conspiracy behind the scientists, the researchers, and what they're trying to cover up! Especially getting to interact with Mewtwo himself and listening to his point of view, what a fun game!
  11. Midori

    Completed Pokemon: MewYou!

    Such a sweet, adorable game. Mew is too cute! Nice graphics and storyline, I had a great time playing this :D
  12. Midori

    Completed Pokémon: Attack On The Space Station

    Wow, the graphics and the storyline are amazing. I love how space moves through the windows!!!!!!!!!! And I love sci-fi and space, all mixed together with Pokemon. Wonderful game concept and excellent execution, I had so much fun playing this and I loved the fact that you could put on a...
  13. Midori

    Completed Pokémon: Attack on Silph. Co

    Another great game by NoodlesButt. Engaging storyline, I was invested all the way to the end. Has the right balance of challenge, beat the game with my lovely Espeon, Garchomp, and Rotom Fan (BEST ROTOM FORME, AIR SLASH SLAYS EVERYTHING). I enjoyed the new ideas you included and keep up the...