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  1. Maruno

    Pokémon Essentials v18 progress report

    Hi everyone! This is a progress report for the next version of Pokémon Essentials, which will be version 18. Before I begin, no, I'm not announcing my retirement or anything like that. This really is just a progress report. The next version of Pokémon Essentials, v18, is intended to be...
  2. Maruno

    Resource Alternative \c[x] text colors

    Maruno submitted a new resource: Alternative \c[x] text colors - Improved and additional text colors for messages Read more about this resource...
  3. Maruno


    We all know that making creatures fight each other is the point of Pokémon games. On that note, how long do you think you should play a game before: a) being given a Pokémon? b) being let loose into the world with it? Are there any situations in which it would be acceptable to make these...
  4. Maruno

    Pokémon Essentials v17.2 - 15th October 2017

    Pokémon Essentials, version 17 27th August 2017 Download There was a longer gap between v16.2 and v17 than there was between v1 and v10. A Quality Update Essentials v17 was focussed (vaguely, more or less) on making quality of life improvements. Things that make the game easier to play, or...
  5. Maruno

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    This thread is a sequel to the "What would make the Essentials engine a better experience?" thread from the old forum, only a bit broader in scope. In a nutshell: What could be added to or changed in Pokémon Essentials that would make it better? Like all nutshells, there are caveats: Don't...
  6. Maruno

    Entertainment Caption This!

    You know how this works. An image is posted, and you have to provide a caption for it. The funnier the better. There are no winners or losers. There's just one image per week. We'll start with this one:
  7. Maruno

    Report Bugs in the Latest Version of Essentials

    Bug Reporting for the Pokémon Essentials Engine This thread is for you to report any bugs you may have found in the latest version of Pokémon Essentials. It is specifically for bugs that exist in an unmodified copy of the latest Essentials version. If you have problems when adding custom code or...