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    Resource Auto Multi Save

    That's a very interesting problem. Can you show me your event code? At least the parts that are relevant to the timer. I can do some sleuthing about. I guess the timer info must be stored in a variable that's set to load before you even select the file, so it's pulling from your latest save...
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    Completed Pokémon: Perish Song

    Perish Song has been updated to version 1.4.3! (click to download) As always, you will keep your save game when updating. Major features: Puzzle Battles: Enter the memory of a battle that broke another wanderer, the one that made them finally give up hope. You take on the team they had and try...
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    Resource Auto Multi Save

    It is planned. I think you're close to the first to request it though, so it wasn't a high priority to me. I don't know how long it will take yet, but I'll look into it.
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    Resource Pokemon Level Cap Using Base Stats

    Can you explain what kind of differentiation you want to have here? As long as you can make the desired behavior you want clear enough, it should be easy to help achieve it. I'm sorry you had this much trouble with it. Naturally I don't really know what your approach to this problem was, so...
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    Resized Pokémon Sprites from Gen 8/9 Packs 1.0

    Many users have reported that they're not able to get the Gen 8 Pack's auto sprite scaling to work when porting to Essentials v21. Instead of trying to fix the scaling code, I decided to just pre-scale them all. Front sprites should all be 192x192. Back sprites should all be 288x288. Does not...
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    Resource Resized Pokémon Sprites from Gen 8/9 Packs

    http404error submitted a new resource: Resized Pokémon Sprites from Gen 8/9 Packs - If sprite scaling isn't working for you try these pre-scaled Pokémon battle sprites Read more about this resource...
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    Resource Generation 9 Resource Pack [v21.1] (Updated with Teal Mask Contents)

    Yeah, only if you're lucky enough to encounter a shiny Pokemon though, I believe because isCommander? is accessed through the pbCommonAnimation code path.
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    Resource Generation 9 Resource Pack [v21.1] (Updated with Teal Mask Contents)

    Speaking of the isCommander? and isCommanderHost? methods, in the v20.1 version of the plugin I just noticed that these are missing from class Battle::FakeBattler which causes issues in Safaris. I haven't checked the latest plugin, so disregard this if it's already been fixed.
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    v19.1 Mirror Match

    I'd recommend instead replacing the script in the battle event with something like this: enemy_trainer ="Mirror",:SHADOW) = [] ${|pkmn| << pkmn.dup}{|pkmn| pkmn.heal} # Add whatever other effects...
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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    I found a small issue with the plugin that causes your follower not to always update correctly after battle when your follower fainted. The "self." shown below is missing from def after_battle in BattleCreationHelperMethods:
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    Resource Auto Multi Save

    I think that commenting out these four lines should do the trick (marked with blue on the left side here):
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    Completed Pokémon: Perish Song

    Looks like a good team to me! Nicely done. "You will be remembered."
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    Completed Pokémon: Perish Song

    Don't forget to use proper spoiler tags please. 1. That's certainly a mystery! I don't want to give a definitive answer. 2. Play some cards! 3. Nope! There are likely some secrets you haven't found yet, but none of them require surfing. Oh, and, not every single thing that looks like it might...
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    Completed Pokémon: Perish Song

    Hahaha, yes! I had a whole long list of tips typed up but now I don't have to post it! Future visitors will just have to come to the Discord to get the dev insights ;) Feel free to drop by to show off your results as well, if you like. Enjoy your victory, and thanks for playing! We're currently...
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    Resource Generation 9 Resource Pack [v21.1] (Updated with Teal Mask Contents)

    Encountered an issue with Giratina's form handler. The Gen 9 Pack code has "get" here instead of "try_get" (picture taken after my attempted fix), so maps without any metadata set yet will produce an error if Giratina enters battle there.
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    Resource B2W2 Bag for v16-v19

    I made a v20 port of this plugin, in case that helps anyone. Feel free to reach out if you encounter any issues with it. Download:
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    Resource Elite Battle DX (EBDX) - Unofficial port for Pokémon Essentials 20.1

    I think this should fix it. Add these four lines to the file shown (see its path at the top of the image): This is just copied directly from v20 code. The reason for the issue seems to be that trainer intro music became BGM instead of ME from v19 to v20 so it requires this extra layer to...
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    Resource Level Based Mixed EV System and Allocator

    Yeah, I was helping someone who was running into it. SHOW_IV_RATINGS is set by BW Summary, so if you have BW Summary but not Enhanced UI you'll get an error for the undefined method. See below. It's unfortunate and confusing that BW Summary and Enhanced UI apparently overlap so much in their...
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    Resource Level Based Mixed EV System and Allocator

    There appears to be a typo in Summary.rb: if SHOW_IV_RATINGS pbDisplayIVRatings(@pokemon, overlay, 110, 82) end Unless there's something I'm missing, I think this should just be pbDisplayIVRating with no "s".
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    Resource Gen V Summary Pack DX

    It appears that the individual download links in the post body have been updated (with at least the background fix for the summary), but the Go To Download button in the upper right corner hasn't been updated.