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  1. catwithnojob

    Forum Cleanup

    Hey everyone, It’s Andy (or Niall, or cat, I’ll answer to anything) and I’m a new moderator for the site! I’ll be cleaning up the Progressing Projects section in one week. (October 4, 2019) If you are a fan game developer and you haven’t updated your thread with any new information in about...
  2. catwithnojob

    Work in Progress Pokémon Venture

    Pokémon Venture, originally started during Relic Castle's Game Jam 4, is a fangame (using Pokémon Essentials) loosely based on Pokémon Quest. You've recently been contacted by an unnamed company to research Shī Island, an island where an ancient people long ago sealed away a great evil. For...
  3. catwithnojob

    Work in Progress Pokemon: Dusk Purple Version

    I’ve been following you for what seems like forever on dA, glad to see your game coming together :) Can’t wait! Squirtle has always been my favorite.
  4. catwithnojob

    Pixel Slam Jam Slam Jam #8: On the Attack!

    Poliwhirl used Splash! But nothing happened! ...but it was cute.