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  1. NicoMts
    Version: 1.2
    Hey, nice stuff, but you forgot to give me credits, in Alolan Muk , Grimer, Rattata and Raticate, but hey, if you can edit the credits im very will very happy ;)
  2. FloofyPanther
    Version: v2.0
    Sometimes new isn't better, especially when many of the great features are taken out. The inability to import sprites into your game with this engine was the biggest issue for me, since I have to re-import new battle and menu sprites along with gen 7 cries for my game. Besides the removal of the Ability, trainer, TM, and encounter editors, I have also had problems with the move editor. Whenever I add or edit a move's type, it gives me the windows alert/error sound and doesn't save the change when I click on another move. Other than that error and the removed features, the engine was really awesome using.
    1. Marin
      Author's Response
      I've mentioned multiple times that this is far from finished. Nothing was taken out, they simply aren't implemented yet. When that'll happen I don't know yet.
  3. CloonieKing
    Really useful, a lot of the backsprites in default essentials are a bit 'iffy' but this was a nice easy quick clean up. Something I recommend to everyone who is including gen 5 pokemon in their game. Thank you
  4. Keileon
    Version: 1.2
    It's a handy resource, but there are a lot of problems with it- some Pokemon have completely different sprites between normal and shiny (Jangmo-o, Kommo-o, and Lunala are the best examples of this), many are misaligned (compare a normal to a shiny and you'll notice a slight offset), and they aren't named properly for Essentials. Some Pokemon are even missing (there is a shiny Decidueye, but not a normal one). Again, it's very handy to have the sprites at the ready, but unless you're only missing a few Pokemon yourself it might not be worth the effort of fixing everything.
  5. Charizard X
    Charizard X
    Version: 4.4.9
    I was only able to install the EBS system. Whenever i was trying to install anyother plugin it would just say the script is hanging and then it would close.
  6. Fearkl
    Version: 1.2
    Isso deve ter dado um trabalho!! This must have given you some hard work so get those 5 stars boy!
  7. Wiispeed03
    Version: 2018-04-25
    Wow, this is amazing. Gen 7 overworlds have been tough to come by, and having these will be a great help for all projects including 7th Gen Pokemon. Thanks for all the hard work you put in!
    1. MrSunshine
      Author's Response
      thanks <3