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Rest in peace EBS. we will all miss you. . . . . unless someone else take part of continue the project
Dude, I just keep coming back to these, so it's about time I left a review. The spreadsheets are incredible. I see myself using the Pokédex one most of the time. Thanks a whole thick bunch.
An excellent script, plug 'n play implementation, customizable window position (yay) and can really make a difference in text-heavy games which do not necessarily utilize portraits.
Does its job really well and is extremely easy to use (implementing new quests is a breeze). Also, in case you are unaware of this, I can confirm that it does indeed work on version 17.2 of Essentials. Haven't encountered any problem so far.
This feature is Amazing and important too! This feature appears on Gen 6 in OR/AS and in SU/MO and USU/UMO! Keep up that great work! I'll be using this in feature game projects I have!
its a good resouse as many people did a great rating. ill give it 5 stars
Very helpful! This tutorial seems to cover everything and is perfect for better understanding the outfits mechanic. :D
Incredible pack, would love to see more of the later gen trainers in this sprite style!
Excellent work! This is awesome! I saw the graphics and I am actually doing the same but for Gen 6 in the same style! I love this!