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This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20.1 ➖
ZUD Plugin for v20.1
Z-Moves, Ultra Burst, and Dynamax mechanics fully implemented into Pokemon Essentials in a single plugin!


This plugin adds all mechanics for Z-Moves, Ultra Burst, and Dynamax to your game, as well as the ability to easily set up your own Max Raid Dens and Dynamax Adventures.

This iteration of the plugin has been overhauled for compatibility with Essentials v20.1, as well as taking advantage of many of the improvements that come with it, such as utilizing newly added PBS flags to streamline many of the mechanics, and utilizing newly refactored Essentials code to remove the need for manual script edits for installation that previous iterations of this plugin relied on. Unlike the previous iteration of this plugin for Essentials v19.1, this version is completely drag-and-drop to install, and all of the necessary data now auto-compiles upon installation, meaning it is now simpler than ever to install ZUD for new or less experienced users. However, note that this plugin, as well as every other plugin I release for v20.1, requires the Essentials Deluxe plugin to also be installed. This plugin is dependent on it for compatibility purposes, and your game will not run without it being present.

Every single line of code of the plugin has been combed through, streamlined, and updated to add more efficiency and user convenience. Because of how thoroughly the code has been reworked, this is not backwards compatible with Essentials v19.1. If you want the ZUD Plugin for that version of Essentials, check out this thread here. Keep in mind that that this older version will no longer be updated, and thus will not have any of the new features included here.

  • Download and install the latest version of the Essentials Deluxe plugin. To reiterate, this is required for this plugin to work.
  • Download this plugin using the link provided. Before you extract its contents to your root Essentials folder, take these steps if necessary:
    • If you are using the Generation 8 Pack, delete the Graphics/Pokemon folder in this plugin. The sprites included in this plugin are sized for default Essentials, and will be too large when used along side the Generation 8 Pack.
    • If you are using the Generation 8 Pack, go to the 000_Config file in that plugin, and set SMOOTH_FRAMERATE to "false". Some of the new animations used by this plugin may be visually bugged when this setting is true. If you don't plan on using these animations, then this isn't necessary.
    • If you are NOT using the Bag Screen with Interactable Party plugin, then you may delete the Graphics/Pictures/Bag Party folder included in this plugin. These graphics are only included for compatibility with that plugin.
  • Use the Settings file located in this plugin's folder to adjust things to your liking.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are installing this plugin on a project with an existing save file, you must empty your entire Bag first upon loading the game. This plugin adds a new bag pocket for Z-Crystals, so things may not behave properly if a previous bag exists without this pocket. Emptying the bag with Debug tools should reset the bag, and allow it to function normally with the new Z-Crystal pocket.
  • IMPORTANT: If you plan on using other plugins that replace or overwrite your entire Items, Moves, Pokemon, or PokemonForms PBS files, such as the Gen 9 Pack, then you must install this plugin AFTER installing those first. If you install this plugin first, then any PBS changes applied by this plugin will be overwritten the second those other plugins are installed, thus rendering this plugin useless. Please keep that in mind before claiming that this plugin doesn't work.

Check the PokeCommunity thread for in-depth tutorials and guides on how to utilize each mechanic included in this plugin.
-Z-Move Credits-
Base Script (v16.2): Marcello, Pokemon Reborn Team
Adaptation to Essentials v18.1: StCooler
Adaptation to Essentials v19+: Lucidious89

-Ultra Burst Credits-
Base Script (v17.2): WolfPP
Adaptation to Essentials v18.1: Lucidious89, StCooler
Adaptation to Essentials v19+: Lucidious89

-Dynamax Credits-
Original Tutorial (v17.2): Fauno
Adaptation to Essentials v18.1: Lucidious89, StCooler
Adaptation to Essentials v19+: Lucidious89

-Max Raid Credits-
Original Scripts (v17.2): Lucidious89
Adaptation to Essentials v18.1: Lucidious89, StCooler
Adaptation to Essentials v19+: Lucidious89

-Dynamax Adventures Credits-
Original Scripts (v19+): Lucidious89

-Graphic Credits-
Gigantamax Pokemon Sprites: Contributors to Smogon's Sword/Shield Sprite Project
Official Item/Pokemon Icons: Game Freak
Max Raid Den Sprite: Pokemon Rejuvenation Team
Other Plugin Sprites: Lucidious89
Pixel Art Sprite Overhaul: Lichenprincess

-Audio Credits-
Gigantamax Cries: Game Rips by Aydenthao
All Audio Files: Game Freak
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Latest reviews

This and Essentials Deluxe inspired me sooo much throughout the development of my fan game! Thanks Lucidious for everything you do and always being very responsive and helpful!
Dynamax doesn't catch and the image turns small if attacked. Would be great if the dev to a serious look at this as long as it is not updated to 21.1
I won't be looking at this because this plugin is deprecated and no longer supported. I'm working on the v21.1 iteration now. I'm only leaving the link up as a courtesy, as I will be removing it once the new plugin is released. So whatever state this plugin is currently in is unfortunately the final version, bugs or not. With that said, I haven't experienced the issue you're talking about, nor has anyone else reported this bug throughout the entire lifespan of this plugin. So I'm afraid your only options are to wait for the new plugin or resolve your issue on your own.
It seems excellent, but when I am compiling it, I get this error, and I don't know what to do.

[Pokémon Essentials version 20.1]
[v20.1 Hotfixes 1.0.7]

Exception: RuntimeError
Message: Undefined value MAXSTRIKE in GameData::Move
File PBS/ZUD/power_moves.txt, line 7

380:Compiler:345:in `checkEnumField'
380:Compiler:320:in `csvEnumField!'
380:Compiler:523:in `block (2 levels) in pbGetCsvRecord'
380:Compiler:415:in `each'
380:Compiler:415:in `block in pbGetCsvRecord'
380:Compiler:413:in `loop'
380:Compiler:413:in `pbGetCsvRecord'
[ZUD Mechanics] Compiler.rb:337:in `block in compile_power_moves'
380:Compiler:242:in `block (2 levels) in pbCompilerEachPreppedLine'
380:Compiler:234:in `each_line'
You didn't install the plugin correctly if you somehow don't have Max Moves defined in your game.
I just tested the plugin and it's amazing, I'm having a problem that I use Generation 8 pack and when I use dynamx the pokemon(back) sprite is in a lower position of the screen, almost not being able to see the sprite

How can I resolve this?

Thanks and sorry for any mistakes because I'm using google translator
You can reposition sprites for dynamax sprites with the in-game sprite position editor. Hold CTRL when you access it to open the editor in Dynamax mode.