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This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20.1 ➖
Enhanced UI for v20.1
Adds UI additions to display data such as IV's, Egg Groups, or Poke Ball types, as well as new UI's for battle information.


This is a small plugin that compiles a variety of smaller scripts I released in older versions of Essentials into a single plugin for v20.1. There are two different distinct "parts" of this plugin; Pokemon UI, and Battle UI. The Pokemon UI upgrades menus related to displaying Pokemon information, such as Party Ball Icons, IV Ratings, Egg Group Displays, and the HGSS Shiny Leaf functionality. Each of these displays may be toggled on or off if you only desire one or the other. The Battle UI adds two brand new display windows to battles; the Move Info display, and the Battle Info display. I'll go over each individual part of this plugin below. Note that this plugin, as well as every other plugin I release for v20.1 requires the Essentials Deluxe plugin to also be installed. This plugin is dependent on it for compatibility purposes, and your game will not run without it being present.

Plugin Features
  • Enhances the Poke Ball display in the party menu, allowing each ball sprite to reflect the ball the Pokemon is caught in, rather than always using a generic Poke Ball.
  • Displays graphics in the Summary/Storage screens to indicate the quality of the Pokemon's IV's. This can be toggled between using stars or letters.
  • Displays graphics in the Summary and Pokedex screens to indicate which Egg Groups a species or Pokemon belongs to.
  • Adds functionality for the shiny leaves and shiny crown introduced in HGSS. These will display in the Summary and Storage screens.
  • A debug tool is included to allow you to freely manipulate the number of shiny leaves on a Pokemon.
  • Compatibility with popular plugins that alter the Party, Summary, and Storage screens (such as the BW versions).
  • Introduces two new UI windows to battles to give the player in-depth info about each Pokemon move, and the state of battle in general.

  • Download and install the Essentials Deluxe plugin. To reiterate, this is required for this plugin to work.
  • Download this plugin using the link provided, and extract its contents to your root Essentials folder.
  • Use the Settings file located in this plugin's folder to adjust things to your liking.

Please refer to the PokeCommunity thread for in depth tutorials on all mechanics added by this plugin.
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