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This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20.1 ➖
Essentials Deluxe for v20.1
A multi-purpose plugin that aims to improve and build upon base Essentials as well as provide compatibility with other popular plugins.


This plugin aims to serve two major purposes. Primarily, this is a compatibility plugin designed to support the ZUD Plugin. In fact, Essentials Deluxe is now a required installation for ZUD, as well as any other plugin I release for Essentials v20.1 going forward. This allows for a much smoother installation process for these plugins, and ensures built-in compatibility for multiple popular plugins right out of the box.

However, Essentials Deluxe doesn't JUST provide compatibility. It is also its own, stand-alone plugin that comes with a host of its own features that greatly enhance the tools found in base Essentials that allow developers to create extremely customized battles, and other smaller enhancements to base Essentials mechanics.

Plugin Features

  • Multi-plugin compatibility
    Provides cross-compatibility with the following plugins that I release going forward, allowing them to all work together seamlessly:
    In addition, I've included support for other popular plugins, allowing them to work alongside the ones listed above:
  • Deluxe Battle features
    • Upgraded battle calls, allowing you to easily set up battle rules for both Trainer and Wild battles, as well as customizing the attributes for wild Pokemon in a single script.
    • The ability to set up mid-battle speech that will trigger in battle under certain conditions. This isn't limited to text however, you can use this to completely customize your battles, allowing to to change music, Pokemon attributes, battle conditions, and much more whenever specific conditions are met.

  • Other features
    • Shiny and Shadow forms may now be set to appear in the forms page of the Pokedex.
    • Shiny and Shadow forms may now be given their own unique cries.
    • Moves with long names may now appear shortened with ellipses in the fight menu so that they properly fit the default Essentials UI.
    • Adds a ton of new flags to items to more easily group them (ex. all Arceus Plates now have the "Plate" flag), along with new methods that check for these flags.
    • Battle animations for Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion.
    • The "ace" property now exists for Pokemon objects, allowing you to flag whether or not a Pokemon should be considered an ace in that trainer's lineup.
    • The ability to allow wild Pokemon to utilize battle mechanics such as Mega Evolution by flagging them as an "ace".
    • Adds a "size" property to Pokemon that ranges from XXXS to XXXL, like in the modern series.
    • Adds a "birthdate" property to the Player, and introduces code that allows you to ask the player to set their birthday.
    • Includes scripts that allow you to add outlines around sprites.

IMPORTANT You must start a new game after installing. IMPORTANT
You must start a new game after installing. IMPORTANT

  • Download and install the latest version of the v20.1 Hotfixes plugin, if you don't already have it.
  • Download this plugin using the link provided, and extract its contents to your root Essentials folder.
  • If you are using the Generation 8 Pack, go to the 000_Config file in that plugin, and set SMOOTH_FRAMERATE to "false". Some of the new animations used by this plugin may be visually bugged when this setting is true. If you don't plan on using these animations, then this isn't necessary.
  • IMPORTANT You must start a new game. IMPORTANT
  • Use the Settings file located in this plugin's folder to adjust things to your liking.

That's it! Enjoy!

IMPORTANT You must start a new game after installing. IMPORTANT
You must start a new game after installing. IMPORTANT

Please refer to the PokeCommunity thread for in-depth tutorials on how to utilize all that this plugin has to offer.
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Latest reviews

I used this great resource for a mini fan game i worked on v20.1. Now that im working in v21.1 is there any chance that this will work in this version?
Nope. A v21.1 successor will be released eventually.
This and the ZUD Plugin inspired me sooo much throughout the development of my fan game! Thanks Lucidious for everything you do and always being very responsive and helpful!
Just a quick question, when they say you must start a new game, do they mean starting a new save file in my already existing project or starting an entire new project?
New save file, of course. That would be insane if any plugin required a new project.
This plugin provides so much new functionality to the engine and is honestly revolutionary when it comes to making unique battles. It is also extremely streamlined and user friendly when it comes to making custom battles.

The developer has also been extremely helpful and patient with me and my questions, and has helped me through several of my inquiries (sometimes resulting in my ideas being added in to the plugin as a result).

If you're looking for something to function similarly to Mid Battle Dialogue or Elite Battle DX in terms of battle scripting while they arent officially updated to v20.1, this plugin is an extraordinarily solid choice.
The Deluxe Battle portion of this plugin alone makes this worthy of 5 starts. It is so powerful and allows you to give so much life to otherwise cookiecutter battles.

Lucidious89 is also super quick at responses, guidance, and bringing fixes/enhancements.
Definitely a must-have plugin. Even if you don't use a single thing this plugin adds, you'll probably want to use a plugin that needs it.
The mid-dialogue alone is enough to be a 5 star. Music changes and stat altering are the cherry on top.