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v20.1 v20.1 Hotfixes plugin 1.0.7

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20.1 ➖
This is a plugin that applies various bug fixes to Essentials v20.1.

These bug fixes are taken from the Essentials GitHub. Some may have been rewritten to work as a plugin. The GitHub version may contain more bug fixes than the ones found in this plugin.

The meta.txt file that is part of this plugin contains a list of the bug fixes it contains, as well as any relevant notes.

This plugin will be updated periodically as more bugs are found and fixed, so it's worth keeping an eye on it.


1. Download the plugin files from here.
2. Place the folder containing those files into the Plugins folder (so that the script file(s) and the meta.txt file are in the Plugins/v20.1 Hotfixes folder).
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Latest updates

  1. v20.1 Hotfixes 1.0.7

    This plugin has been updated with a few more bug fixes.
  2. v20.1 Hotfixes 1.0.6

    This plugin has been updated with a few more bug fixes.
  3. v20.1 Hotfixes 1.0.5

    This plugin has been updated with some more bug fixes.

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Perfect ! Perfect ! Perfect ! Perfect ! Perfect ! and Perfect !
Had troubles with essentials v20.1 loading plugins, this solved it. Thank you very much!