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v21.1 Automatic Level Scaling 1.4.6

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Fix settings reset after the first setNewLevel in the trainer EventHandlers. Updated variable and property names and removed unnecessary nesting, for code readability.
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For the sake of optimization, simplicity, and code readability, the DIFFICULTIES array is now a hash. Changing the difficulty works the same as usual, the only difference is, when creating a difficulty, instead of passing the id in the constructor of a Difficulty, you can simply use the hash index.
Fix a bug related to only_scale_if_lower and only_scale_if_higher in v19.
From now on, using the final stage in the PBS (or in a function) will set the pokemon to a specific evolution, while using any previous stage will make the evolution random.
Fix proportional scaling going over the max level.
Add include_previous_stages settings, when true, returns pokemon to their previous evolution stages if they did not reach their evolution level.
  • Add setTemporarySetting method, an updated version of setSettings.
  • Add getScaledLevel method, for difficulty-based gift pokemon, trades, and fixed encounters.
  • Updated docs.
  • Fix regional forms evolutions to evolve according to the previous form.
  • Fix first_evolution_level not working properly.
  • Update for partner trainer support. (The partner's pokemon are updated automatically at the end of the battle, using the :on_end_battle EventHandler)
  • EventHandlers file for better organization.
  • Add only_scale_if_higher and only_scale_if_lower settings.