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v21.1 Automatic Level Scaling 1.4.6

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
This tool opened the gate for my open world game vision to come to life, fantastic plugin!
I love the plugin, works perfect. now I wish to know how to disable the plugin for some instances were I want the trainer o wild Pokemon to have the assigned level on the PBS.
Thank you for the review. As LinKazamine said in the discussion thread (, you can set the variable value to 0 to disable the plugin. There's an example using gym battles in the overview page (the image in the Selecting a difficulty section), just change += 1 with = 0.
Honestly a must have for a game, especially if your community loves grinding up their levels like mine!
Great Plugin, makes it easy to make a true open world game. Except I noticed a small issue, with wild Pokemon, it does not set the Met at Lvl to the correct level, it uses the previous value.
Thanks for the review! Could you explain your issue with more details? Preferably, in the discussion page of this resource (
A very good resource. Very practical and simple to understand. The new updates just add more and more good features to it!