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v21.1 Automatic Level Scaling 1.4.6

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v21.1 ✅
Automatic Level Scaling

This Pokemon Essentials v21, v20, and v19 plugin will change wild and trainer pokemon levels according to the party pokemon levels. These pokemon are also going to evolve automatically depending on their level. You can choose between 5 initial difficulty options, but you can also easily create your difficulty options. All these features can also be disabled if you wish.


To install this plugin, extract the zip file into your game root folder.
Then, you should check if you're already using variables 99 and 100 in your game. These are the variables that control trainer and wild pokemon difficulty, respectively.
If you are already using these variables, go to the Settings.rb script and change the value to whichever variable you want to use to change the difficulty.
In Settings.rb, you can also change some options, create other difficulty options, and enable more complex conditions for level scaling.
This is everything you need to do to install the script, but you should also activate it by selecting a difficulty.

How to use

Selecting a difficulty

In order to change the difficulty, you should use an event to change the variable value according to the pre-defined difficulties. If you want to disable automatic level scaling, just set the variable value to 0. By default, all variable values are 0, so levels are not balanced unless you set these variables to one of the difficulties ids.

Here's an event showing some of the options to change difficulty:


Setting up gift pokemon, trades, fixed encounters

Whenever you find a field where you should insert a pokemon level (except for PBS), you can use the function AutomaticLevelScaling.getScaledLevel and the level will be automatically defined according to the currently selected difficulty.

Creating new difficulties

There are some pre-defined difficulties, but you can add your own new ones by using the function, random_increase:) in Settings.rb.
  • fixed_increase is a pre-defined value that increases the pokemon level (optional)
  • random_increase is a randomly selected value between 0 and the value provided (optional)
Note that these variables can also store negative values. Setting them to 0 would have the same effect as calling pbBalancedLevel($ and removing two from the average.

Changing settings for a specific battle

You can use the function AutomaticLevelScaling.setTemporarySetting(setting, value) to apply a temporary change to a setting for a specific battle, all changes will be reverted after the battle. This is a new way to change settings in v1.4, based on Essentials setBattleRule function. You can simply insert the setting name in the first parameter and the value defined in the second, you should call it multiple times if you want to apply multiple settings. You can still use the older AutomaticLevelScaling.setSettings function if you prefer though.

AutomaticLevelScaling.setSettings does not automatically revert changes after the next battle and they will be permanent until the game is closed or new changes are made. You can use the temporary parameter to revert the changes after the battle. If you don't use it, don't forget to change them back to the original settings after the battle or series of battles. All arguments are optional and can be positioned in any order, use a value of the type indicated after the parameter name.

AutomaticLevelScaling.setSettings(temporary: boolean, update_moves: boolean, automatic_evolutions: boolean, includePreviousStages: boolean, proportional_scaling: boolean, first_evolution_level: Integer, second_evolution_level: Integer, only_scale_if_higher: boolean, only_scale_if_lower: boolean)

updateMoves: Set to false if you want to use the pre-defined moves in the PBS.
proportionalScaling: When true, takes original level differences from the PBS into consideration when scaling levels.
automaticEvolutions: Set to false if you don't want pokemon automatically evolving.
includePreviousStages: When true, returns pokemon to their previous evolution stages if they did not reach their evolution level.
firstEvolutionLevel: Select the level required for pokemon that don't evolve by level up to get to their mid-form.
secondEvolutionLevel: Select the level required for pokemon that don't evolve by level up to get to their final form.
onlyScaleIfHigher: When true, the script will only scale levels if the player is over-leveled.
onlyScaleIfLower: When true, the script will only scale levels if the player is under-leveled.
temporary: Only in setSettings. Restores all settings to their default values after the next battle.

Warning: setTemporarySetting uses camelCase for parameters and setSettings uses underscore_case.

Detailed credits

The one script I was inspired by the most is Joltik's Advanced Pokemon Level Balancing + evolution, but the default Essentials random dungeon script was also important to make this script.
Benitex, Joltik, Umbreon
First release
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5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fix settings reset after the first setNewLevel of a trainer

    Fix settings reset after the first setNewLevel in the trainer EventHandlers. Updated variable...
  2. Update the DIFFICULTIES array into hash

    For the sake of optimization, simplicity, and code readability, the DIFFICULTIES array is now a...
  3. Bugfix for level blocks

    Fix a bug related to only_scale_if_lower and only_scale_if_higher in v19.

Latest reviews

This tool opened the gate for my open world game vision to come to life, fantastic plugin!
I love the plugin, works perfect. now I wish to know how to disable the plugin for some instances were I want the trainer o wild Pokemon to have the assigned level on the PBS.
Thank you for the review. As LinKazamine said in the discussion thread (, you can set the variable value to 0 to disable the plugin. There's an example using gym battles in the overview page (the image in the Selecting a difficulty section), just change += 1 with = 0.
Honestly a must have for a game, especially if your community loves grinding up their levels like mine!
Great Plugin, makes it easy to make a true open world game. Except I noticed a small issue, with wild Pokemon, it does not set the Met at Lvl to the correct level, it uses the previous value.
Thanks for the review! Could you explain your issue with more details? Preferably, in the discussion page of this resource (
A very good resource. Very practical and simple to understand. The new updates just add more and more good features to it!