Just Some Hi-Res Ultra Beast Sprites (192x192) 2017-05-18

96x96 sprites coming with the next update

  1. artcanary
    • THESE SPRITES ARE, at full res, 192 by 192! therefore, they aren't exactly compatible with the other sprites from the games.
    • A 96 by 96 set is incoming, but no date yet. I'll update when it is!
    • Most notably, I had to make some slight design alterations due to the amount of complexity allowed in pixels and my patience. They aren't perfect, but they're recognizable as the characters, which I considered to be the most important thing.
      • (And on a similar note, I'm not looking to improve these much, they work as they are. They're for a different project, and I figured that I would post them up in case anyone else could use them.)
    • These were all traced over their SuMo 3d models, and colors referenced from the official art.
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