Voltseon's Pause Menu

v20.1 Voltseon's Pause Menu v1.8

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20 ‚ěĖ
Voltseon's Pause Menu (v1.8)
Pause with styleūüėé

This pause menu is very stylish and very easy to edit to your liking.

Add themes to change the style of your pause menu throughout the game.

Check all your Pokémon their status from the menu itself.

How to install:
Download the contents and plug them into your game, and you're done!
NOTE: This script does NOT work in v19.1 or below.

How to add more themes:
Go to Graphics/Pictures/Voltseon's Pause Menu/Backgrounds and add the graphics in the correct format:
arrow_left_N, arrow_right_N, bg_N.png, bg_location_N.png

(N being the number of your theme)
Open the 001_VoltseonMenu_Config.rb in Plugins/Voltseon's Pause Menu.

How to swap themes:
All you have to do to change the theme is add a script to an event with the following code:
$PokemonSystem.current_menu_theme = N
(N being the number of your theme)

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Latest updates

  1. v1.8 - Now updated for Pokémon Essentials v20

    Now works for v20
  2. Voltseon's Pause Menu v1.7

    Changelog: Fixed menu crash in the Safari Zone Fixed menu crash in Bug Catching Contest Fixed...
  3. Voltseon's Pause Menu v1.6

    Minor update: Fixed the use item in field bug where the UI didn't disappear

Latest reviews

Hi, I already renewed the code you gave me and it worked. Thank you so much! This menu is my favorite plugin and it made me sad that I wouldn't be able to use it!
Just trying this for the first time today! Looks really slick, but ran into a few errors

In the plugin file "004_VoltseonMenu_Components.rb", I had to adjust the code beginning at line 132 like this:

# Status
status = 0
if pokemon.fainted?
status = GameData::Status::DATA.keys.length / 2
elsif pokemon.status != :NONE
status = GameData::Status.get(pokemon.status).icon_position + 1
elsif pokemon.pokerusStage == 1
status = GameData::Status::DATA.keys.length - 1

as the previously referenced ID number variable doesn't seem to exist, and because the position being pointed at was one indicator above the appropriately coloured status indicator.

(@DonCaretas18, this should fix your problem)
Don't really understand how it works, I've plugged it in and it still uses the regular pause menu.
Great plug-in, and wonderful customization. I only have one issue involving a black outline that keeps popping up around the location name while scrolling through the pause menu that wasn't priorly addressed. Other than that, awsome resource
Great but I noticed that in the Options menu the Menu Theme Style started at 0/9 and ended at 8/9 instead of going from 1/9 to 9/9. I fixed it by replacing :
"parameters" => 0..MENU_TEXTCOLOR.length,
line 349 in 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb
by :
"parameters" => 1..MENU_TEXTCOLOR.length + 1,
Snazzy! Easily edited to include new buttons and features!
It's great, it works, and it looks cool. 10/10, would install again.
genuinely awesome. one of the cleanest pause menus out there.
Had a bit of trouble at first but after asking it got fixed. Looks great and doesnt have any input lag
This is the best looking menu I have ever seen (for now ;) )