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Implementing missing sound effects


This resource/tutorial hybrid contains a collection of sound files that you can use to bring a bit of extra life to your fangames. While the code was designed with Essentials-built fangames in mind, the sound bytes themselves can be used however you want. A link to all of them can be found here: Sound Effects Download

Also included is the Automatic Door sound effect, which you can use to make Pokemon Centers, Marts, Gyms, or any building with an Automatic Door have the proper sound effect.

Hidden Move Sound Effects

This section contains the necessary sound files and tutorials to getting the associated Hidden Move sound effects to work.
Implementing these sound bytes is actually not all that hard! After you obtain the relevant sound files, open your Script Editor and look for the following line in PField_HiddenMoves:
Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("{1} used Cut!",speciesname))
Right after it, insert the following line:
pbSEPlay("Cut SE")
Like I said, extremely simple and easy to do! The part inside the quotation marks has to match the file name in the Sound Effects folder, so just be sure to remember it's in there! Rock Smash also works the same way. Look for this line:
Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("{1} used Rock Smash!",speciesname))
And then similar to the above, paste this after it:
pbSEPlay("Rock Smash SE")
With those done, you'll have it so Cut and Rock Smash play their respective sound bytes when you remove them from the map! This is a much simpler and more effective method than inserting the sound file into every tree and breakable rock you place.

Wild Pokemon Capture Jingle

This one not that much harder, but proper use of it will require the FModEX Extention Plugin, supplied by Nuru Yuri, and the sound byte I provide will already have it so that it loops properly in game.

After you obtain the sound byte, just open up your Scripts Editor, navigate to PokeBattle_Scene, and search for this code segment:
  def pbThrowSuccess
    if !@battle.opponent
      pbMEPlay("Jingle - HMTM")
      frames.times do
Luckily, the line is already there, we just need to change it to use the new sound file! the pbMEPlay line so that it now looks like this:
pbBGMPlay("700. Caught Fanfare2.ogg")
I'd also recommend renaming it, but you don't need to! This sound file is straight from the Gen 3 games itself, and will loop perfectly without going back to the start-up jingle or going back into the battle theme.

Run From Battle Noise

This one is... Well it's not complicated, but there's a lot of places you have to put it because of how running from battles is handled! To make this easier on everyone especially myself, we're going to do a "Find in All Sections" search. Press Ctrl+Shift+F, and search for "Got away safely". Once you do, you should see something that looks like this:

The next step is to go to each of those lines, and just above each one, paste this string of code
That covers most of the cases. There's still two more cases that need covering - Run Away and Smoke Ball. You could do a "Find in All Sections" search here for "escaped using", and get this

And you'll notice that the two lines are in close proximity, so this makes things much easier! Similar to the above, just place the same string of code above those two lines, and you should be good to go.

Berry Pluck Jingle

The Hoenn arc of games introduced a mechanic where you could plant and pick berries from patches across the overworld. One of the key notes of this was the distinct sound file when you picked a berry. This isn't in Essentials, but now it can be!

First things first, go to PField_BerryPlants, and do a search for this string:
Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("You picked the
Right before each instance of it, place the following code:
pbSEPlay("Berry Pluck")
There should be a total of four instances. This isn't a perfect recreation, and it can be easily improved upon.
Game Freak for the sound bytes basically. You can credit me for the tutorials themselves I suppose! If you use Nuru Yuri's FModEX plugin be sure to give him credit as well!
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