Encounter list UI (v20)

v20.1 Encounter list UI (v20) 1.0.2

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Incredible. Very much! This script i search very much time. Good Job!
Amazing script- shows every Pokémon in an area, allowing completionist players to have the chance to catch everything instead of pulling up a .txt or wiki to see if there's anything they missed.
Also very customizable- different graphics for different encounter types and time of day is supported.
Works nicely, and motivates to catch all pokemon on each route :D
Well done!
Works out of the box and does exactly as described! Great work on the script! :)
Since I don't have a wiki set up for my game yet, and not every player knows to look at the encounters.txt, this plugin is extremely useful!
Useful script and can just add playtime for players, knowing when to move on and when to stay longer on a route.