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Continue Screen Music 1.0

This tutorial will show you how to add a song to the Continue screen in your Pokemon Essentials-based Fangame. For those wondering, "Continue Screen" means the menu where you go to press Continue/New Game/Options/Mystery Gift, and the ability to have music on there is a derived idea from the music present on Gold/Silver/Crystal's Continue Screen.

Anyways, first step of this is simple: You need to find a song you want to use. Midi, MP3, Ogg, whatever your engine supports will work. Once you find your song, drop it into the BGM folder. For this tutorial, it has to be BGM Folder.

The next thing you'll want to do is open your Script Editor and go to the script section called PScreen_Load. Once you're in that section, scroll to line 252, or if you've edited the PScreen_Load section before, do a Ctrl+F search for "def pbStartLoadScreen". Once you find that line, copy this line "pbBGMPlay("Your Song Name Goes Here.ExtentionIfNotMidi")", and paste it right underneath "def pbStartLoadScreen". When that's done, it should look something like the following picture.

After that, you need to make sure the song cuts out properly when you resume the game and start a new one. To do this, Do a Ctrl+F Search for the line that says "elsif cmdContinue>=0 && command==cmdContinue" What you'll need to do is go down to the very first End statement under it, and paste this line "pbBGMFade(0.8)". This will make the music fade when you continue the game. Now, to make it fade when you start a new game, you'll need to do a Ctrl+F search for the line "if cmdNewGame>=0 && command==cmdNewGame". Go down to the second End statement there, and place "pbBGMFade(0.8)" once more. This will make the music fade when you start a new game. For reference, the "0.8" does not have to stay. It's in terms of seconds, so you can alter it how you see for for your game.

When all is finished, it should look and sound a lot like the following video.
(Pay no mind to the interface in the video, it's an old tutorial)

And that's it! You can likely use all this to change the music that plays on the options screen and the Mystery Gift screen. And who knows, maybe if you figure it out, you can have randomized music playing on your title screen.
For once, I'm actually the one who made this, so credit goes to me, Derxwna Kapsyla
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