Gen 7 Back Sprites (DS-Style)

Gen 7 Back Sprites (DS-Style) v1.1

Compiled for use with Pokémon Essentials v18.1, here's all the Alola back sprites!
(Note: this resource does not include Pokémon or forms that are not included in Essentials, such as Rotomdex or the Ash Hat Pikachu.)


Thanks to the amazing work of leparagon, there is a beautiful collection of DS-styled sprites for the Alola Pokémon. Finally, back sprites that will match the style of the base Essentials back sprites! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any resource of someone who had formatted these sprites specifically for Essentials, so I did it myself!

Because these sprites were intended for GBA hacks, they were drawn on a 64x64 canvas. This will cause many Pokémon to appear "short" when next to the other Pokémon in base Essentials. This is not an error with the sprites, it is intended by their original purpose. If this bothers you, I implore you to make them taller to match the other Pokémon and make it a resource too!!

All sprites are mostly centered on their core mass, so they won't appear lopsided in-battle.

Remember to check out the CREDITS.txt file for detailed information on the credits!

: Silvally palettes will now match the Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project.
I have also included a ???-type Silvally front sprite using the sprite from the same project.
Please credit ALL of the contributors to this resource with the following:

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Perfect, the sprites have very good quality, 100% quality! Can you make for Gen8 too?