How to code/script in RMXP

For those of you a little more curious about programming.

  1. Luka S.J.

    How to code/script in RMXP

    Have you ever wanted to add new features to your fan game? Code some new mechanic, or maybe tweak that old UI that has been bothering your for so long? Have you ever been frustrated that you didn't have enough Ruby coding knowledge to do just that? In this video series I aim to solve that issue for you. My main goal is to try and provide as much information as possible in a nice, visual and easy to understand manner - so that we can establish a smooth flow in the communication of information. This series is still an on-going project, and it comes in (somewhat?) weekly parts. I try to relay as much information as possible, while keeping the wording of it very simple.

    Part 1: Intro and the basics

    Part 2: Arrays and Hashes

    Part 3: Conditional Branches

    Part 4: Loops

    Part 5: Class Extensions

    Part 6: Modules

    Part 7: Reading Error Messages

    Part 8: Sprites

    Part 10: Code Manipulation

    Part 11: Evaluate This!

    Let me know if there is anything in particular that you want me to cover in the future. As I've said, this is an ongoing series, targeted at complete beginners. More videos will come in the future as we progress, and things are probably going to get more complex along the road.

Recent Updates

  1. Part 10 is out

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  1. sukoshijon
    My prayers have been answered. An RGSS tutorial that isn't a video from 2009 taking 1 hour to describe what the print command does. You're a god.
  2. SwaggyMudkip69
    These look like great tutorials i will watch them when i can turn up my volume and not get in trouble
    1. Luka S.J.
      Author's Response
      Y rite riweev b4 evn watch vids tho?