Pretty Authentic HgSs Apricorn Trees

Pretty Authentic HgSs Apricorn Trees Version 1

Elsewhere on Relic Castle existed another Apricorn Tree resource. However, the download for it bugged out, and thus I begun the search for a new resource. Thanks to the help of a few people on the Discord server, I obtained the relevant resources ripped straight from HgSs and assembled it from scratch. This is a mostly authentic recreation of the HgSs Apricorn Trees (the animation could be a bit better, but I think we got it as good as we could.)

This download contains the following folders and files

* Apricorn Tree - Pop.wav
* Apricorn Tree - Shake.wav

* Animations.rxdata
* CommonEvents.rxdata
* MapXXX.rxdata

* Apricorns.png

* Apricorn_0.png
* Apricorn_1.png
* Apricorn_2.png


For this resource to work, you must install the files to their relevant folders. For the map file, first create a new map in your project, save the project, and close RPG Maker XP. Once that's done, copy the resource's map file into your project, delete the new map file, and rename the resource to the number of the map you just deleted (Example: if the new map was 32, delete Map032.rxdata and rename MapXXX.rxdata to Map032.rxdata). This should make it so the map with the Apricorn Trees is present in your project now.

Once all files are properly inserted, you should be able to use the Apricorn Trees however you like.
Nintendo/Game Freak: The original assets provided from HgSs
DerxwnaKapsyla: Assembling the resource, putting together the animation and spritesheets
Zaffre: Ripping the Apricorn Tree and Apricorn graphics from HgSs
Brom: Ripping the audio from HgSs, figuring out the proper arc for the Apricorn animation
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Awesome job!! This is a really a nice solution using Common Events and animations!