Gen 6 PBS Files

Easy to implement gen 6 PBS files. No pokemon.txt, though.

  1. Deo
    Pokémon Essentials Version:
    v17.2 ✅
    Pokémon Essentials Gen 6 PBS Files
    v16 of Essentials added generation 6 moves, abilities, items etc in the scripts, but not the PBS files. Here are the ones I made (or had a little bit of help with making).

    Simply paste the contents below the corresponding .txt file included in Essentials. (Or in the case of types.txt, just replace the whole thing.) Re-order the numbers if you have to.

    abilities.txt (thanks for the help cilerba)
    items.txt (download item icons)
    moves.txt (requires fairy type)

    What about pokemon.txt?
    A: I'm not including it as A) it would be more of a pain to implement B) it could become outdated later on C) it's been done.

    Q: Will you add gen 7?
    A: No.

    Q: What about mega stones?
    A: I won't be adding them as developers might not use them all. That's up to you.

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