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Modular Pause Menu

Modular Pause Menu 1.0

Wonderful one of the best resources out there! Easy to implement, plug and play and it's for v.17+ only, but therefore it is very good and easy to adjust to ones need. It gives a simple and modern look to your game.
This is a superb resource - easy to implement and to adapt to the needs of a game.
Very good! Adding entries was never easier! Also scrolling is a very nice feature in this which gives our game's more modern looks.
Looks great, works well and is very easy to use! Thank you for this Luka it is amazing.
Works very nicely! I myself haven't added anything, but that's still an awesome feature!
Very nice indeed!Just wow!Simple and easy to add things!
Byotifel. The modularity is perfect. Anyone could add an entry.
It works like a charm and is really easy to work with. Great as always, Luka.
This is soo good, adding a new option on the pause menu has never been so easy. Thanks for this, Luka S.J. <3
This is way better than the normal pause menu! Great work!
Great modularity. It's never been so easy to add entries. Aspiring developers like me can also learn from this.