HGSS for RMXP 1.2

Amazing work here! Without this resource, I couldn't remake HGSS with gen 4 graphics. Looking forward to more inside/dungeon tiles so I can finish off goldenrod and ecruteak. Thanks again!
Incredibly helpful for my mapping endeavors :)

This resource provides more or less everything one could ask for from the Pokemon HGSS games.
Amazing job! I'm planning on working on a HGSS-esque project. I'm not the best when it comes to graphics, so the tutorial will definitely come in handy.
Good, I like you post them in .psd formate,next time try to combine the whole tileset into complete tileset, happy coding :)
Hey! Glad you like it.
I preferred to keep it in separate columns instead of creating a big full tileset to let makers create little tilesets with only the elements they need.
However, as everything is already aligned within 8-tiles-wide columns, making a big tileset shouldn’t take very long :)
This would be gr8, hgss style is what I want for my next prj