HGSS for RMXP 1.2

Hey, makers

Today I would like to share with you the first results of a big project started several months ago: RIP & fix of all the graphic resources from the HGSS games. I've been in the making business for almost 15 years, and I've seen tons of beginners having trouble creating beautiful maps, especially because they mixed different tilesets to get elements they needed. Indeed, there is no complete and homogeneous HGSS' tileset on the internet, or at least none that does respect the "official" style.

For months, I ripped textures and 3D models, took tons of screenshots and spent countless hours on Photoshop to adapt everything to RMXP & Tiled.

You just have to download the files and make your tilesets with it. All the tiles are already organized in 128 pixels wide columns; you just have to copy/paste them one above the other according to your needs. To make sure everything stays well calibrated, don't remove the pink background. It will help ensure that the tiles remain well positioned in the 16x16 pixels grid.
The yellow background only concerns empty tiles so you can remove it. However, it has no impact on your tilesets. On the contrary, this allows you to check that you don't have transparent tiles lying on your maps.

The tilesheets for the dungeons & interiors are still being created and will arrive soon.

I will also quickly add a few tutorials to explain how to use some tiles or tilesets. However, do not hesitate to send me your questions if needed.

And above all, have fun!

PS: thanks to Aerun for the translation of this post!

[EDIT]: added missing house from Pewter City and some characters for animations
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Amazing work here! Without this resource, I couldn't remake HGSS with gen 4 graphics. Looking forward to more inside/dungeon tiles so I can finish off goldenrod and ecruteak. Thanks again!
Incredibly helpful for my mapping endeavors :)

This resource provides more or less everything one could ask for from the Pokemon HGSS games.
Amazing job! I'm planning on working on a HGSS-esque project. I'm not the best when it comes to graphics, so the tutorial will definitely come in handy.
Good, I like you post them in .psd formate,next time try to combine the whole tileset into complete tileset, happy coding :)
Hey! Glad you like it.
I preferred to keep it in separate columns instead of creating a big full tileset to let makers create little tilesets with only the elements they need.
However, as everything is already aligned within 8-tiles-wide columns, making a big tileset shouldn’t take very long :)
This would be gr8, hgss style is what I want for my next prj