The Chakra Clinic Resource Pack

The Chakra Clinic Resource Pack N/A

A pack of all the sprites used in the game! Most of this is not going to be super interesting unless you really want to use these character designs, but you're definitely welcome to if you'd like! (Fair warning- these portraits didn't go with a script or anything, I just coded the event to display them each time. It's not necessarily the smoothest way to go about that...)

Also included in this pack is an overworld cloud and a fire and ice animation, for any flairs in your overworld!

Probably the most useful resource in this pack is a trainer front sprite using Whitney as a base, with customizable assets designed to accompany Poltergeist’s character customization pack. It's a WIP and doesn't have all the clothing options, but there's several options to choose from!
Custom character sprites were designed using Poltergeist’s character customization pack.

The few edits of existing canon sprites were made using Bulbapedia's fair use trainer sprites. You can credit TechSkylander1518 for them if you really want, but it's generally just "put hair here" or "moved an arm there".

Cloud, fire, and ice were ripped by RedBlueYellow of SpritersResource

Dr. V’s overworld sprites were made using a combination of DiegoWT’s Gen 4-styled Gen 5 NPC pack and assets in Poltergeist’s character customization pack.
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