Escape from Dream World Resource Pack

Escape from Dream World Resource Pack 2020-08-01

This pack contains the audio (Base essentials sound effects + an ME by Joo *Johnnyz* Buaes + Standard RTP music) as well as the graphics, A large portion being battlers and overworlds.
===== TILES & GRAPHICS =====
Titlescreen Font Graphics by Piacarrot
Ice Path Tileset by Piacarrot
Mt. Silver Summit Tileset by Piacarrot
National Park Tileset by Piacarrot

Spikey Eared Pichu by Bloodless

Gen 3 Devamped Battle Sprites by Bloodless, Blue Emerald, and Techmath
(Minor edit to Spinda to make room for spots)

Gen 4 Devamped Battle Sprites by Bloodless, Blue Emerald, ClawedNyasu, and Rainbowdevs

Question and Exclaimation Mark Unown Fronts DarioEMeloD
Was reuploaded by Piacarrot (Kuroko Aizawa)
Edited Sprites for colour and transformed into Backs

Moon from title screen from PokeEmerald (Recoloured to better fit)

Beach tiles from GBC game Survival Kids
(It's not completely ripped on Spriter's resource, had to screen cap it myself)

Cloud tiles modified from Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

The Spooky Manor painting is a cropped and edited Pokewalker Area Graphic, Lake

The windowskins are from PokeCrystal
===== AUDIO =====
Key Item Midi by Joo *Johnnyz* Buaes
Songs from both Default Essentials and the Standard RMXP RTP

I made:
- Most every overworld from half scratch, using the icon as a base for the pokemon.
Except the ones that already had an overworld in Pokemon Crystal.
Skarmory, Abomasnow, Torterra, and Slowking are scratch though
- The Dreamcaller graphics
- The Type icons
- The cut tree animation (not the tree itself)

I edited:
- The minigame title drops. Don't really want to count that as a made.

I formated:
- Literally every single pokemon sprite, it's not even funny.
- Lapras, Onix, Snorlax, Clefairy, Bird, Boulder, Dragon, Monster, Headbutt tree, Rock Smash rock and Cut tree
- The icon sprites
- The bitmap font (also Pokecrystal)
- The other tilesets not mentioned above. It's all PokeCrystal.
- The emote bubbles (also Pokecrystal)

Have I mentioned I used PokeCrystal a lot?
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