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FRLG Summary Screen and Party Screen

Pokémon Essentials Version
v18 ➖
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This is the script for the Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green summary screen. The zip also contains the images needed

The v17 script will no longer be supported!!

Page 1.png

Page 2.png

Page 3.png

Page 3.png

Page 1 Shadow.png

v18 only:

How to implement?
  1. Download the .zip archive here
  2. Move the graphics in Graphics/Pictures
  3. Copy the script from pastebin and put it above main
  4. After that add the following part to the bottom of your Settings
# * When turned on, the summary screen will have 4 pages and show the IV/EV
#   stats of a pokemon (When turned on, the IV/EV will always be shown)
# * The switch which has to be turned on to see the IV/EV stats in the
#   summary screen

UPDATE 29.07.2020: Added EV/IV page and changed the folder structure
UPDATE 29.07.2020: Removed the script from the zip and added it in the spoiler above




This is only for v18!!

How to implement?
  1. Download the .zip archive here
  2. Open the script in the archive and copy its content into a new script which has to be located above main, but after PScreen_Summary
  3. Move the graphics in Graphics/Pictures/Party

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me on discord Seyuna#0001.
Seyuna (not needed),
silentgamer64 on pokecommunity (for providing the summary screens),
Golisopod User (for the Party Screen)
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Last update
4.50 star(s) 4 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Added Party Screen

    Added Party Screen (Credit to Golisopod User) Updated the EV/IV Screen (Credit to Golisopod User)
  2. Bugfixes

    Fixed shiny icon position Fixed pokerus icon position Fixed status icon position Updated the zip...
  3. v18

    Added a script version for v18

Latest reviews

It's a great script that matches the aesthetic of my game! Only thing, is the Shadow poekmon screen doesn't show properly - the only thing visible is the heart gauge!
I like it a lot, I only use Summary Screen but in the Stats page instead of showing as in the image, it is shown with the text shifted several pixels upwards and with the IV and EV as follows: 13/102, in instead of separated.
If you use v18 then sorry, I forgot to update the pastebin for that. If you use v17 then sorry, but this is not supported in v17.
Yes! I've been looking for this forever, but it was only for v16. My only problem is that the text is so small that it looks weird. Is there some way to fix that?
Yes there is a way. I reduced the standard size by 5 in the script. You can search for @sprites["overlay"].bitmap.font.size-=5 in the script and either change it or delete it.
But keep in mind that this will change the formatting in the screen, so you may have to adjust some values to make it fit again.
I like the implementation. But for the Move Types in the 3rd Page of the Summary Screens should be moved into the square where the move name is displayed.
I did it like it is in FRLG. In the games it is at the spot like in my version.