Improved Battle Menu and Summary Screen

Improved Battle Menu and Summary Screen 3.4

  • Fixes all issues with the new Summary Screen.
  • Changed how types are displayed in double battles
  • Added Text and Arrow Indicators to guide people when using the new summary screen. (Default Positions of Arrows may need to be changed)
Fixes a small issue with the new Summary Screen. A small update to PokeBattle_Battler was required for the Summary Screen to function. It didn't mess with any battle testing I did so it shouldn't cause any issues.
  • Should actually work with Zodiac Powers
  • Fixed all issues with double battles
  • Changed up how single targeting moves' effectiveness is displayed in double battles
  • Removed alot of unnecessary checks
  • Added support for displaying Type Highlighting in Summary Screen
  • Added new concise BW-style Summary Screen in battle, which displays only data important in battles
  • Should theoretically work with Zodiac Powers
  • Fixed the default colours to look much more pleasing to the eye
  • Fixed most issues with double battles
  • Cleaned up alot of the script to be more effecient
  • Added a new style of Highlighting for STAB
  1. Added compatibility with Z-Moves and Dynamax
  2. Added Highlighting for moves with STAB
  3. Added Switches for more control over what is Highlighted and what isn't.
  4. Fixed Bugs with Abilities that grant immunity to certain types.
  5. Fixed the coloring of moves when selected (now they actually change color if the Customizable options are changed :P)

Double Battles are still a bit wonky though. Be mindful of that.