Improved Battle Menu and Summary Screen

Improved Battle Menu and Summary Screen 3.4

Improved Battle Menu and Summary Screen

(The Genesect in this battle has the Aerilate ability, that's why its Body Slam is Flying type. This was done to showcase the correct type displaying feature of the script.)

This resource aims at replicating the feature in SM/SwSh which shows how effective a move is on an opponent (Super Effective, Not Very Effective etc) on the opposing Pokemon. However this resource builds upon this idea by allowing the player to see which moves receive Same Type Attack Bonus (or STAB) as well as the correct type of a move in the case of moves like Weather Ball and Abilities like Aerilate. Since with Essentials we don't have that much screen real estate to show the effectiveness with text, I've decided that highlighting the move's name based on the effectiveness is the best option for this.

Sun Moon Type Effectiveness Display:

Essentials Equivalent:

  1. Color Coded Type Effectiveness which can easily be customized.
    Default Essentials:

    Improved Battle Menu:

    Default colors are Blue for Super Effective, Red for Not Very Effective and Light Grey of Ineffective.
  2. Displaying the types of Moves correctly in the Fight Menu. This applies to Moves like Hidden Power, Judgement, Revelation Dance, Weather Ball, Terrain Pulse and Abilities Like Refrigerate, Liquid Voice etc.
    Default Essentials:

    Improved Battle Menu Displaying Correct Types:
  3. Displaying Highlighting for Moves if they receive Same Type Attack Bonus (or STAB) from Moves. This is displayed in 2 Different Styles.
    No Highlighting:

    Bold STAB Highlighting:

    Shadow STAB Highlighting:
  4. Displaying all of the above in the Summary Screen when in Battle (New Style of Summary Screen)
    Default Essentials Summary Screen:

    Improved Battle Summary Screen:
  5. Switches which can easily be used to control every aspect of the script.

Installation of Script
  1. Place the contents of the text file in a New Script Section above Main
  2. Use Ctrl + Shift + F to look for in PokeBattle_Scene and replace that line with this:
  3. Paste the items in the folder to your Graphics/Pictures/Summary folder
  4. Edit the Customizable Options.

Please Credit Golisopod User if you use this script.

This script is not compatible with Luka SJ's Elite Battle System/Elite Battle DX

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially about the summary screen. Please report any bugs you may find in the script.

Minor Issues:
  • Loading moves for a Pokemon for the first time may take a second
  • The script still doesn't show type immunities for things like Powder Move and Leech Seed against Grass Types, Primal Weathers (Except Rayqyuaza), Prankster against Dark Types, Ground Types against Levitate etc. However the default games don't show this so I have decided not to either. Unless many people ask for this, I won't be adding it.
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