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Marin's Footprints

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Marin's Footprints

I've been sitting on the basic outline of this script for a few years now, and today someone asked me to make a footprint script (because Klein's is most likely broken), so I decided to finish it today.

First off, install my Scripting Utilities.

Then, above Main, paste this script:
Marin's Footprints

Be sure to download the graphics that come with the script as well.


The terrain tag that determines whether or not to produce footprints is terrain tag 3, Sand. Footprints are only produces on tiles with this terrain tag, terrain tag 3, being Sand.

There are a few constants at the top of the script. I'll explain them below:
  • FADE_OUT_SPEED: This is how many points the opacity of a footprint will decrease per frame. This is 4 by default. Opacity goes from 255 to 0, so with a value of 4, this would take 256/4 = 64 frames. One second takes 40 frames, so this means each footprint stays visible for a little over one and a half second.
  • WALK_X/Y_OFFSET: This is a positioning offset that is applied to the footprint graphic when walking or running. This could be useful in case you want a different footprint graphic that doesn't align nicely with the player, or just generally need to adjust its placement.
  • BIKE_X/Y_OFFSET: Same as WALK_X/Y_OFFSET, but only while the player is biking.
  • DUPLICATE_FOOTSTEPS_WITH_FOLLOWER: If this variable is true, both the player and the follower will produce footprints. This will make them appear darker, and they may look weird when the player turns. If false (default), only the follower will produce footprints.
  • EVENTNAME_MAY_NOT_INCLUDE: This is a list of strings that may not appear in an event name for it to create footprints. In the example video at the top of this thread, the woman event has "NoFootprint" as its name, which makes it not produce footprints.
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As per usual for Marin's scripts, this one is insanely easy to install and customize. Now that I have it installed, I know I won't want to have a project without it!
Love it! Amazing script and easy to use! Can't see a reason not to install!