ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites

ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites v1.5

Turns out a pair of NPCs in Platinum's version of Snowpoint City went unnoticed!

The main download is updated with NPC 89 and NPC 90.

To download only the two new graphics, CLICK HERE.
There was an error with both Bug Catcher sprites.
The 2nd frame of their left-facing walking sprite was overlaying a front-facing walking sprite.

The main download is updated with the fixed graphics.

To download only the two fixed images, CLICK HERE.
Did you guys know that graphics with an odd length can't be center-aligned to graphics with an even length? I did, and yet I never noticed it on any of these sprites... Whoops!

Thanks to the graphics being scaled up to 200%, I was able to move the sprites a "half-pixel" (actually just 1 real pixel). The sprites now should be properly centered in your games.

** Please redownload the pack and replace all of the overworlds in your projects!! **

Thank you so much to SandalDaniel for pointing out this error and helping me identify it clearly so I was able to fix it!
Let's go!!
  • Added NPC 85, 86, 87, and 88, using Beta/Unreleased sprites, ripped by PurpleZaffre. Thank you again!!!
  • trchar000_1.png should now be at 200% like every other sprite.
  • Added Looker and Charon OWs, courtesy of PurpleZaffre (thank you again!)