ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites

ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites v1.5

** This resource is intended as an add-on to Mr. Gela's Gen 4 and 5 Trainer sprites and PBS.
However, using Mr. Gela's resource is not necessary for these OWs to work!

Oh, to have a (mostly) full collection of HGSS and DPPt overworlds, formatted for RMXP...

I did it for you! Using Neo-Spriteman's HGSS OWs as a starting point, and with intentions of making things compatible with Mr. Gela's resource (linked above), I've taken the last couple of weeks to compile every Gen 4 Overworld I could, not including Pokémon.

(Tileset by Akizakura16 / Aki <3 // OW Shadows by Marin)

This resource includes:
  • HGSS Boy and Girl Protags, including Run, Bike, Fishing, and Surfing.
  • Every Trainer OW from HGSS and DPPt.
  • Every non-Trainer NPC from HGSS and DPPt. (Including Gym Leaders & Elite Four)
  • Custom OWs for allTrainers that did not match their Battle Sprite. (Preview in the above screenshot!)
    • (If a Trainer already had a unique OW, it was not edited to perfectly the Battle Sprite.)
  • Objects for Item Balls, Rock Smash, Cut, and an animated Strength boulder.
  • Please check the CREDITS.txt file for detailed information on the custom sprites!!
A thousand thanks to Atomic Reactor and PurpleZaffre for allowing me to include some of their custom OWs to ensure that every Trainer received their own unique OW. And thanks to Neo-Spriteman for already formatting many HGSS sprites!
Thank you so much to SandalDaniel for catching the misalignment on the sprites!

** Because this resource is meant to be used with Mr. Gela's Trainer sprites, the trcharXXX.png files are not named with sequential numbers. This is intentional by design and is not an error.

I highly recommend DiegoWT's resource, Pokémon BW/BW2 OW Characters in Gen 4 OW Style. His resource will fill in the gaps in this resource.
** I highly recommend Zygoat's resource, ALL Lucas and Dawn Sprites, if you need protag sprites for DPPt instead of HGSS!

If you find any errors in the sprites or notice missing NPCs, please contact me here or on Discord, Vanilla Sunshine#7081.
Please remember to check the Credits below for how to Credit this resource.
Please credit ALL of the contributors to this resource with the following:

Gen 4 OW Sprites by:
PurpleZaffre & Maicerochico

Please do not redistribute this resource anywhere.
If you'd like to share it, please link to its page from Relic Castle.
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Latest reviews

Amazing resource! Having all these sprites in one pack is a great help for everyone who uses Gen 4 sprites in their games.
This is awesome! Thank you so much for putting this together for us!!
It's remarkable how quickly and easily this is to get working perfect!
Incredible compilation of Gen IV sprites for anyone making a Gen IV game, can't recommend enough :)
I wished i found this one week earlier as i was making trainer classes with specific overworlds, haha! Great resource, 10/10, this type of sprites are easy to find, yet a time consuming pain to edit and format for essentials, a total life and time saver.
Those new OWs look so perfect! It drove me crazy to see when trainer sprites wouldn't match an OW, haha.
I can't believe this didn't exist before. It's such a staple resource for anyone making a game with Gen 4+ Trainer Classes. All OW seem perfectly aligned, no issues yet.