Voltseon's Handy Tools

Voltseon's Handy Tools

So for this update I basically:
- Added the plugin manager used for v18
- Added an unnecessary extra decimal to the versions

On top of that I've removed the spoiler tag with the entire script, as having your entire screen filled with a ~600 line script is a bit annoying. If you want to copy the script use the pastebin link as it is way easier to copy using that.
I've checked all of the current features in VHT to see whether they are compatible with Essentials v18, and I'm happy to say that VHT is fully compatible with v18.

Along with that I've provided a pastebin link on the post for easier copy/paste stuff.
Voltseon's Handy Tools version 1.2
  • Updated the Alternate methods to also have the default values
  • Edited the existing vSS() and vSSF() functions so you can edit other selfswitches than just A
  • Added functionality for setting the selfswitch of multiple events in a range
  • Added a way to toggle Self Switches and Global Switches
  • Implemented a Player Manipulation Tab
  • Added a toggle gender and change gender method
  • Added a change outfit method
  • And finally theres a toggle dex, regiondex, runningshoes and pokegear method

Hope you enjoy the updated version!
Voltseon's Handy Tools version 1.1
  • Added Alternate Methods for all existing methods
  • The pbHasItem, pbItemQuantity and pbHasSpecies methods implemented.
  • The -Silent() methods to add items and Pokemon silently added.
  • A few more comments to help out the average joe

The alternate methods being the biggest thing in here tbf.
Hope you enjoy the updated version!