Voltseon's Handy Tools

Voltseon's Handy Tools

Pokémon Essentials Version
v18 ✅
Short description
Basically this script allows you to manipulate Pokémon/Items, Start (Trainer) Battles, Set Self Switches and Play Pokémon Cries using more memberable scipts that are targeted to people who don't want to look up the longer versions online.

pbSetSelfSwitch(EventID,Switch,Bool) turns into -> vSS(EventID) to make it easier.

How do I implement this script?
  1. Select the script (in the spoiler below) and copy all of it (Ctrl+C)
  2. Go to the scipt section in Pokémon Essentials and scroll down until you see the "Main" script.
  3. Right click above the main scipt and click insert. You'll see a new script has been created.
  4. Inside that new script you paste the script you previously copied (Ctrl+V)
  5. Click "Ok" at the bottom and hit "Save". Now Voltseon's Handy Tools has been installed
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