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RMXP Event Exporter v1.2

Pokémon Essentials Version
Ever needed to search for something in your events, but had to manually click through all of them to find what you were looking for? Now you don't have to! Here is a plug-and-play script that will take all of your events (including common and battle events, if you're using those) and dump them into a single txt file, using the same format to display event commands that the event editor in RPG Maker XP uses. This script works not only with any Essentials version, but also any game in RMXP!

Tested Pokemon Essentials Version: Any RMXP game works

Attached below is an example of this script used on a clean copy of Essentials v18:


If you notice any bugs, or even anything off about how the commands are displayed, please don't hesitate to tell me! I want to make this as bug-free and close to RMXP as possible. I hope this script makes your development process easier!
None needed, but credits to NettoHikari would be appreciated :)
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  1. Upgrade to v18

    - Added support for v18's Plugin Manager - Script now only runs in Debug mode (in case dev...
  2. v1.1 Patch

    - Fixed error with extremely large projects

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Extraordinarily useful tool for finding references in events. This is something I've always wished RMXP had and it saves me so much time!