Gen 4 and 5 Trainer sprites and PBS

Gen 4 and 5 Trainer sprites and PBS 2020-06-27

V19 update -- Credit Zet0ken
I recommend the use of this other resource by VanillaSunshine if you're using a Gen IV overworld style!!

What's this?

PBS file for Gen 4-5 trainer types and their sprites. Mostly organised. Money gain might be a bit arbitrary, so change to your liking. Total of 179 Trainer types.

Show me the goods!
Not much to show here, but, alright. Here's a snippet.


Overwrite unless you have custom stuff you want to keep, in that case, port stuff manually.
Replace your /PBS/trainertypes.txt with this one: Pastebin
Extract the graphics into the /Graphics/Characters/ folder.

Please credit if used to:

Mr. Gela/theo#7722

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Por favor da créditos si lo utilizas a:
Mr. Gela/theo#7722

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  1. V20+ Update

    See this post for another user's revision of this resource to make it work with V20+.
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This is extremely helpful, just outdated for v20+

Going off of Moliblazer's reformat of the PBS trainers file, I renamed all the OW sprites (for both the Gen 4 & 5 versions):

This has the updated names for (nearly?) all trainer classes except for those who only had a gen 3 battler sprite (i.e. Engineer or the old Pokemon Breeder) or were just pairs of two existing classes (i.e. Double Team or Sis and Bro)

This took like 2+ hours lol
Mr. Gela
Mr. Gela
Thank you. I do not intend to update this resource, but I'll link your review at the top of the thread for those seeking a v20+ version. Thank you <3
Great pack, I edited it to be in the v20 style here:

Hope it helps!
Dope, had all but maybe 10 of these on my computer already but the ones I didn't have are definitely going into the game. I am still on a quest for gym leaders and such as I need 16 gym leaders and all of them to be from different regions of the game (Not all obviously because there are what? 8 regions lol) but I will also have like 4-8 custom gym leaders. It's not hard to find the sprites or edit them myself I am just lazy lol. I saw you excluded gym leaders on purpose? That's cool but my game is super crazy with 16 badges in just the first region. Instead of an elite 4 because that is so played out it's not even funny, I have a real League Tournament. I may even set up a second region and give players 24 badges to get, hell maybe 32. I have super ambitious goals for this game. I have about 4-5 versions of bug catchers because I cannot stand seeing the same npcs in every game for every battle, it's the worst. I have about 6 swimmers, 4 youngsters.. I am ALWAYS looking to add more characters to my games lineup! Thank you! This pack was great!
This is definitely helpful, however, there are issues as it doesn't have the sprites that SomeGreenGuy mentioned, but also the sprites for the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion, and Battle Frontier characters.
Mr. Gela
Mr. Gela
Should have clarified, I didn't include all player or gym leader/history characters simply because I don't expect someone to ever need all of them, just like I would expect developers to include their own important characters. Maybe I should have included one as a default to reference their money gains etc, but other than that, this isn't something I am going back to fix because I don't consider it an issue. I decided to include sample classes for 3 different rivals (one not caring for gender and one meant to be the "player character the player didn't choose" (imagine if Lyra and Silver were Ethan's rivals in HGSS), same for their equivalent "League Champion" trainer classes. The reason I did this is so devs have several "rival" slots early in the file like normal, so they don't have to shift the trainer classes around. I was fair enough not to falsely advertise this as having "all" sprites and classes.
This is a huge time saver. Very convenient!

Any plans to update the file names to use the v19 Essentials naming scheme? The process could probably be automated pretty easily using the names from the PBS, come to think of it.

I also noticed a few trainers missing:
players from DP (it does have the plat sprites)

players from BW

players from B2W2

Red from HGSS (or B2W2, same basic sprite except for the animation)

Eusine from HGSS

Also, trainer179.png appears to be a duplicate of trainer067.png, with no PBS entry.
I tried to download but the updated link isn't working.
Mr. Gela
Mr. Gela
They are working for me.