Location Signposts with Background Image (v19/v18/v17/v16)

Location Signposts with Background Image (v19/v18/v17/v16) 2021-07-09

Pokémon Essentials Version
v19 ➖
This script is an edit of LostSoulsDev / carmaniac's original one back in 2013 (https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=298229), since that one was a bit outdated and when using it in v16 and v17, it lagged the game a lot. Golisopod User also helped out in cleaning it up a bit.
This script adds the background image to location signposts, just like in gen. 4 games like DPPt and HGSS.
All you have to do is download the folder, and inside you'll find the instructions, graphics and the script itself.
This is also very customizable, so you can use your own graphics if you want, you'll just have to edit the script in the right sections for it (instructions for that are in the Install Guide.txt file).
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me either here or on Discord: Zaffre#7901

If you are using this in v19.1, change LIGHTTEXTSHADOW in line 20 to LIGHT_TEXT_SHADOW_COLOR.


Please do not redistribute this anywhere else.
Golisopod User
LostSoulsDev / carmaniac
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