Gen 8 Models for EBS with Galar, Alola and extra forms.

Gen 8 Models for EBS with Galar, Alola and extra forms. 1.0

Hey guys

This pack contains png files EBS compatible and animated battle sprites for generation 8 and Pokemon forms not included on battler3797's pack of gen 6 and 7 EBS pack.

What it contains: All Gen 8 Pokemon released before Isle of Armor/Crown Tundra, All Gigantamax released before Isle of Armor/Crown Tundra, Meltan and Melmetal, Galar Forms and their evolutions, Alola Forms, Dawn Wings/Dusk Mane/Ultra Necrozma, Dusk Lycanroc, Female Meowstic, Female Pyroar, Cap Pikachus, Cosplay Pikachus, Furfrou's different styles, Flabébé's evolution line alternate flower colors, Silvaly form for all types(except normal), Unbound Hoopa, Zygarde's Dog and Megazord form, Pumpkaboo's line forms(Average Size, Large Size, and Super Size), All Vivilion's patterns, Blade Forme Aegislash

What it doesn't Include: Pikachu Libre, Eternamax Eternatus, Galar Slowpoke, Pokemon and Pokemon Forms PBS files.

All files are already packed in EBS format folders.

Warning: Most of the files included have a different ID number, mainly alternate forms, as in my game they are different species, my recommendation is that you backup your files before doing any change and check the names before replacing any file you have.
@dragonnite (Lucy) - GIF to PNG converter
The Slayer, projectpokemon and pkparaiso - Models/Sprites
Me for going through the hassle of renaming, converting and sorting every single model on each folder
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