v17.2 Gen 6-8 PBS Files and Sprites

v17.2 Gen 6-8 PBS Files and Sprites v5

Hi, me again. I've done some reworks in prep for a v18 update. You can still use most of these files in the newest essentials version that I'm aware of, an exception being the pokemon.txt file. The image files and the other pbs files should work fine.
I've added most of the new Gen 8 sprites from Smogon fo consistency's sake. I've decided to remove the Pokemon Zero methods since people don't read (makes it easier for errors going forward). Alolan evolutions in v18 are done by form so it's easier to do (I don't like the method Maruno decided on personally but it's easier for newer players)
I've defined the method for Farfetch'd and Yamask in pokemonforms.txt
I've removed the extra forms for Zygarde and Greninja (and added the missing Zygarde sprites I didn't realise I didn't have lol).
Alright alright, it's been long enough. I've spent a few days adding in Isle of Armor stuff. All the Gigantamax sprites are finally done, as are any legendaries released up til now.
The pbs files have been updated with the new moves and abilities introduced in the Isle of Armor, the new Pokémon introduced in the dlc were added into the Pokémon pbs files, and all newly reintroduced Pokémon have their updated movesets.
A fair warning is that a lot of the moves don't have the proper function codes. Most of them have existing code in Essentials for their effects, but some don't exist at all, so you'd have to add those yourself. If I've missed anything don't hesitate to comment and tell me.
Hello hello, it is I, your friendly patisserie. I have brought you cake. And by cake I mean Alcremie formes. Lots and lots of cake. (And Marshadow too, it's there too, eating the cake). All the Alcremie forme sprites are available.
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Added all remaining base SwSh sprites. Added an items.txt file, along with an updated types.txt file, and graphic. Added in remaining base Gigantamax icons, and merged the separated forms folder into the main battlers folder.
Please still be aware that the missing evolution functions ItemInAlola and LevelNightInAlola need to be added separately, or you can replace their method entirely.
Also be aware of possible differing move function codes (4th section of the moves.txt).
If there is anything still missing aside from DLC stuff, and any issues with the files, don't hesitate to contact me here or on Discord so I can correct it.