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Egg Cycles for Pokemon

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I really appreciate Buttjuice's tutorial for Exp Yield, and I wanted to make a similar one for another bland part of Pokemon- how many egg cycles until they hatch?

Here's the categories I came up with by scanning Bulbapedia's list:
  • 5 cycles- Magikarp
  • 10 cycles- A Pokemon you receive inside an egg, such as Manaphy or the baby Pokemon in the Odd Egg. Also, several Pikaclones, but not all of them.
  • 15 cycles- Regional bugs, birds, rodents, and other early-game Pokemon.
  • 20 cycles- Starter Pokemon, any Pokemon that doesn't fit easily into another category. (Out of the original 151, 97 of them take 20 egg cycles)
  • 25 cycles- Generally, single-stage Pokemon, but it's not really a hard rule.
  • 30 cycles- Fossil Pokemon that evolve, Pokemon that can be found repeatedly but only in one location
  • 35 cycles- Eevee, single stage fossils
  • 40 cycles- Pseudo legendaries, Pokemon you might encounter in the overworld once, like Snorlax and Volcarona, "Pokemon Center" Pokemon like Chansey and Indeedee
  • 80 cycles- Minor legendary trios- the regis, the Kanto birds, the beasts, etc
  • 120 cycles- All other legendaries
Just multiply the cycles by whatever base number you want (it's 255-257, depending on the generation), and you're done! (Or, hey, maybe even pick a smaller number for your base cycle- not everyone's got the time to grind steps, after all!)

Few of these are 100% rules, to be clear. Alolan starters only take 15 cycles, Gen 2 Lapras was a weekly encounter but was put with one-time Snorlax, Aron takes 35 cycles for some reason, Audino isn't with Chansey and Indeedee, Heatran has 10 cycles even though it doesn't breed, etc. But it's a nice way to just pick a number immediately instead of having to look for a bunch of Pokemon to compare.

Side note- One weird thing about egg cycles is that Game Freak usually wants them to be consistent across the evolutionary line, and will maintain an evo's required cycle even if it gets a prevo. So, for example, if you wanted to make a prevo that would evolve into Milktank or Tauros, you might want to require only 10 cycles, but "Game Freak logic" would have you do 20 instead, so it matches Miltank and Tauros. That's a level of "authenticity" that most people wouldn't care about, though. (Even Game Freak might not care- Croagunk and Toxicroak have different cycles, after all)
None needed! Just wanting to make the most boring part of Fakemon design easier lol
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