Character Customizing Pack: Watering

Character Customizing Pack: Watering N/A

More character customizing! Woo!

This is a pack for a watering berries sprite! Essentials doesn't have that on its own, but Ulithium_Dragon has a great resource for implementing it here!

Pretty straightforward, just layer them on top of each other in an image editing program, merge it all down, and you're done!

The B4 hairstyle has been moved one pixel closer on the left/right facing sheets because I personally feel that it looks better that way.

If you want to match the version in Poltergeist's pack, just move them over a smidge!

Please let me know if anything looks off so I can correct it! Don't want everyone to have to fix my mistakes!

You'll notice a few assets in here that aren't in the original, like the lavender/light green/magenta hair, the fifth hair styles, or the cap. These are assets I've been working to implement into the pack, and some of them are pretty much good to go, let me know if you decide you want to use one and I can easily give you the files for other sprite sheets!

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The bases are from Iametrine's public resource, and the other assets are from Poltergeist/Coffee Cup's Character Customization pack! You must credit both of them, but no need to credit me!
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