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FRLG Intro Scene

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
The intro scene from Fire Red/Leaf Green, from the copyright notice up until the gengar/nidorino battle. Lacks audio as of right now, but that's not too hard to add.

This script was made for my MK Starter Kit but ported for Pokémon Essentials. As such it may not be perfect, or as smooth as the showcase video below.

Please note that this intro scene was made for the original resolution, 480x320. This will not look good with default Essentials.

Drop the two following scripts (in order!) in new sections above the Main script.
(To open the files, open the files with a text editor program)
FRLG Intro Scene

Next, copy the IntroScene folder in the ZIP archive below to Graphics\Pictures.
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