Gen 5 Characters in Gen 4 OW style

Gen 5 Characters in Gen 4 OW style 2.0

Hey there, how are you all?

I'm sharing with you this pack containing every OW characters from the Gen 5 games remade in the Gen 4 style.​

(Tilesets by UltimoSpriter and me)

And yes, the sprites are made to work in all directions, and even special animations are included.

You have two download options, one following my original organization method and one following Mr Gela's Gen 4 and 5 Trainer sprites and PBS and VanillaSunshine's ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites organization method. The download button on the top of the page is the first method and the link below is the second one.

You can check my Deviantart for other overworld's resources, such as accurate Gen 4 surf bases.

Pay attention with the OW's name from the tutorial you're following, since it may not match yours.
Since I'm using recorded gifs to show you the animations, remember that they don't reflect quite well the quality in-game!

TutorialGif - Crouched Pose.gif


TutorialGif - Roxie's Band.gif

For this type of characters, you may leave the "List of Events Commands" as you wish, unless you make the animation play for a determined time for a cutscene. The focus is here:

And you should make it's animation go through the whole 4 sprites (that are facing down) for the animation to work, leaving 4 frames between them.

After interacting with them, if you want them to play the animation again, make the last command of the "List of Events Commands" be a move route making them turn down.
TutorialGif - Musicians and Dancer.gif

TutorialGif - Rival Hugh.gif


TutorialGif - Rival Bianca.gif


TutorialGif - Rival Cheren.gif


TutorialGif - Cylan.gif


TutorialGif - Mom.gif



TutorialGif - Protag Save.gif


TutorialGif - Protag Wobble.gif

About the wobbling animation, which is more complicated than the other ones, you should make the sprite go >1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2> and keep repeating, with two frames between each sprite. The animation is the same no matter the side the player is facing.


There's not a script for the wobble mechanic that I know, and I don't plan to do it, sorry.

TutorialGif - Colress.gif


TutorialGif - N Anim 1.gif


TutorialGif - N Anim 2.gif


TutorialGif - N Anim 3.gif


TutorialGif - Elesa.gif


TutorialGif - Shadow Triad.gif


If you find any error with the sprites, please contact me here or on Discord, diegowt.
Please, don't forget to give the proper credits, even if you are just using parts of my Overworlds to make yours.

(and no, I'm not making a Gen 5 demake game, so if you feel like doing it, go ahead)

Please do not redistribute this resource anywhere.
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    Added the remaining characters, such as the protagonists, the protagonists' moms, Yancy, Curtis...
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Latest reviews

Wow, incredible job. As a pixel artist myself, these overworlds can be a nightmare to get right!
You know, Drayano is working on their HeartGold/SoulSilver romhacks and they're combining them into basically gen 4 Crystal. I'm not sure if Dray would be down, but if you were to make a player character Crystal sprite as good as these, I wonder if they'd put it into the games as a possible player character.
I tried this myself but couldn't get it to look right, and the ones that have been attempted that I found online aren't quite up to professional quality.
hmu at my twitter @plasmi99 if you wanna talk haha
Tysm for the review and compliments! And thanks for the idea, but rn I don't have quite the time to work on projects like that.
Diego proves himself to be the utmost expert on gen 4 style overworlds! The attention to detail, using the colour limits, and doing sideways unique sprites, is outstanding! These would pass completely unnoticed in a canon gen 4 style game.
Amazing pack!! Love how the colours stand out big time - many thanks for this!!
That's a really awesome work! Well done!
Do you plan yo release the hero and heroine ones, as well as the classic gym leaders and the Plasma ones?
Yes, I plan on releasing every character from Unova. This means that only gym leaders from Unova will be made (which already are).
These look fantastic! I'm not too proud to say they're better than ones I've made before. I was dreading having to make these all myself but now I don't have to - and they look so on brand! Amazing job!
really nice, keep with your great work! :)
Thank you so much! I love all of these, there's literally no complaints, thank you for taking the time out of your day to make these!
This is really nice, the coolest character pack that I saw so far! This will be PERFECT as soon as we have all gym leaders and elite 4 on it
These are great! How are the Gym Leader sprites coming? I'm working on Game Jam and hoping to add the gym leaders and elite four and champions. (N, Alder, Iris)
They're finished, but I plan on releasing the new version of the pack 'til the end of february. Just keep in mind that (right now) I do not plan on making N for the upcoming version.
How the heck did I forget to leave a rating on this?

I'll say what I said again on the thread- you can do at least 100 different trainer classes in a game. You can make a whole team of 4 Pokemon rangers. You can have a kindergarten class full of different kids. Bringing in Gen 5 NPCs to Gen 4 hugely expands your cast, and DiegoWT's sprites fit in seamlessly!