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Display banners 2020-03-04

I don't know why, but I really, really love those banners, they're really fun to me. So I decided to make a few for other concepts in the games, using Bulbapedia's color schemes!

This resource is just the graphics, no code for their usage. I'll update this post if I have any scripts that I use for them.

This pack includes:
  • The six major stats, as well as three of the four Pokeathlon stats. (Sorry, I couldn't fit "Stamina" into one 😅 I'll try again later)
  • The four seasons, and three times of day (Morning, day, night)
  • The eight regions
  • The fifteen egg groups
  • Type banners for Dragon, Flying, and Ground with just one color, if you're like me and you're bothered that they got two for some reason when they didn't even need them?
  • An image with all the characters I could find in the canon banners, so you can create your own easily
Bulbapedia for the color schemes
TechSkylander1518 for editing the images
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